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Post Thu Apr 07, 2022 2:32 pm

I'm trying to use a CC control plugin (Melda's MCCgenerator) to modulate various parameters on Phonec2. However I'm running into a problem with the way Phonec (and other Psy Mod plugs) handles CC assignments: when you right click on a parameter, it opens up an "assign MIDI controller" dialogue which looks for incoming CC data and automatically assigns the incoming CC# to the chosen parameter.

But when working with a plugin like MCCgenerator (or Cableguys' Midishaper) which is continually sending out CC info, you can only assign a CC of your choice by first disabling the CCgenerator, since if it's currently sending data then you will be unable to choose any CC other than the incoming one (actually it will flicker between different incoming CCs). This also means that if you right-click on a parameter while the CCgenerator is running, you will lose the previous assignment.

Here's a video that will hopefully make this clearer: you will see me assign 4 knobs on Phonec to CCs 1,2,3,4. When I engage MCCgenerator, the knobs move along with their respective LFOs. But when I now right-click a knob, I am unable to select the CC of my choice (not sure why it shows CC36) and the parameter is assigned to the fastest of the four LFOs.

Wondering if I'm missing something? Thanks!

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