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Sounda is the first 'Artist' plug-in in the FIRE series, a powerful and invaluable tool for the contemporary mix engineer and producer.
Learn more about Acustica's FIRE series here:

This plug-in sums up in a simple way and with a few controls the 20 years of experience of multi-platinum winning engineer Salvatore Addeo and the 30 years of experience of one of Italy's most prominent producers Don Joe.

Sounda GUI

Add rich analog vibes to your tracks.

Sounda is the right choice for the sought-after sound of modern Pop, EDM, Hip-Hop, Trap, and electronic productions. If you need a punchy kick drum and snare, a more detailed bass, an 'Airy' vocal, or you want to add body to your instruments, you got it, with just a few clicks.
With Sounda, you can achieve a professional and modern sound on the essential elements of the mix in no time.

Get professional results thanks to the research and choice of the ideal devices, based on the experience of the professionals involved in this project who have put their 'know-how' into a unique, simple, and effective plug-in for mixing.

Main features.

• Magic buttons
Sounda includes 4 different emulations that allow you to shape the desired sound quickly. Each emulation is designed to handle a specific production task/instrument. Range: Kick, Snare, Vocal, Bass.


• Oversampling
Choose the oversampling rate ( 4x, 8x, 16x, 32x) to improve the audio quality by increasing the sampling frequency of the plugin and minimizing aliasing artifacts.
Note: The 1x step bypasses the oversampling functionality


• Force control
Use the Force slider to control the gain placed after the filter and determine the amount of saturation (range IN: 0dB to +16dB). Note: in VOCAL mode, the Force control is not available.


• Resizable GUI
Choose between 3 magnification values (1x - 1.5x - 2x) from the top left ▼SIZE drop-down menu.
*Once the desired size has been selected, the plugin must be removed and re-loaded in order to apply the changes. This action affects the currently selected plugin. New instances of the same plugin will open with this magnification.

For more details, we recommend reading the Sounda user's manual

Technical information

• Plug-in Format(s): VST2, VST3, AAX, AU
System Requirements
• Available sample rates: 44.1 - 48 - 88.2 - 96 kHz
• Windows 10 compatible
Apple Silicon M1 macOS Monterey compatible

Price and availability

List price: €69,90 Buy now!

The product is at an introductory period for the first four weeks after release or until the first official version is released; this implies that the product may receive improvements, changes, or fixes available through Aquarius Desktop updates during that time.

How to install the free 30-day trial
Note: Sounda trial version includes 44.1 - 48 - 88.2 - 96 kHz sample rates.
Please be careful and remember that trials expire 30 days after authorization, and we strongly recommend not using trial products in commercial sessions or any important project.

FIRE series:

Sounda webpage:

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