M-Audio Oxygen Pro 61 velocity problem

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Post Tue Sep 27, 2022 3:31 pm

I have an M-Audio Oxygen Pro 61 which I don't use much and bought less than a year ago.
I didn't notice this before, but there are some keys, (and they are all black keys) which are more sensitive then the rest, no matter how do I setup the velocity in the presets editor.
I can set it to low, medium, or linear..... the same keys responds with around 30% higher velocity.
It can be clearly see in the DAW and hear of course.
Is this a problem that could be fixed by some firmware?
Should I try to get warranty for this reason?



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Post Tue Sep 27, 2022 10:10 pm

Sounds like a (rather common) design flaw. Funnily enough it's rather difficult to get black keys react similar to white keys. Most keybeds suffer from this. Hence tge ilf thread "they don't make decent keyboards anymore"
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Post Sat Oct 01, 2022 10:43 am

Agreed. I’ve tried a lot of MIDI keyboards over the last couple of years & returned most of them due uneven velocity, rattling noises, dead keys etc.

My current is the best by far - Novation Launchkey 88. Fantastic velocity response: 1 - 127 (bizarrely quite rare!) & uniform response over the whole keybed. Good quality too. No aftertouch though - personally I don’t care but many get grumpy over.

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Post Sat Oct 01, 2022 1:02 pm

Guess I’ll keep the trend of “older keyboards are better”* going lol, I’ve got a 10+ year old M-Audio Oxygen 49 keyboard that honestly still works just as well as the day I got it. No velocity issues or anything.

I’m kinda adamant that the company called M-Audio from 10 years ago doesn’t exist anymore today but in name only, so maybe I’ve just got a gem from a past era lol.

*Edit: At least the budget/entry-level ones, I’d hope the higher end ones would be of better quality maybe?

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Post Sat Oct 01, 2022 1:46 pm

Novation keybeds seem to be pretty well built in general. My 16 year-old Remote SL-25 is still working perfectly. I just got a 10 year old Maudio Oxygen 88 which I haven't tried out yet. but the guy who gave it to me said it was all working properly when he'd retired it for a "better", newer model, last year.

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