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Post Mon Nov 21, 2022 11:25 pm

Someone tested air cooling for 12900K and tested.
Watch if it interests you.
To me the weight of the heatsink is higher than a mac mini m1.

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Post Wed Nov 30, 2022 6:15 am

CubaseInSeattle wrote: Mon Oct 31, 2022 6:51 am My question to Jim (and everyone) is for those of us that have a 12900K/Z690 combination, already configured with multiple M.2 drives and SSD's for the VEP/EW/Kontakt/Other libraries and plugs - if dropping in a 13900K is not recommended, then would building a separate 13900K/Z790 machine solely for the purpose of running the DAW and managing the AD/DA converter interfaces, and leaving the existing 12900K/Z690 active as a VEP slave? Or have we gotten to the point with these new AMD/INTEL chips that having a VEP slave for most intents and purposes is just not warranted any longer? I would be very interested in your comments and also when a 13900K/Z790 rig would be available?
Hi Gene,

Both the 7950x and 13900k are somewhat of a "go big or go home" proposition.
7950x and 13900k both require large AIO to stay cool/quiet and reach maximum performance.
Large AIO means large case to accommodate.

Most of our professional composers are trying to get down to a single super-fast machine.
VE Pro Slaves work just fine... but it's more logistics to wade thru.

With a well-configured 13900k based machine, you'd most likely not need the 12900k as VE Pro Slave (unless your scoring template is ** MASSIVE**).

13900k is an incredible performer.
You can do things like run IK Multimedia's new ToneX plugin (similar to Kemper profiles) at 96k using a 16-sample ASIO buffer size.
With an Orion Studio Synergy Core audio interface (Thunderbolt), that's 0.5ms total round-trip latency.

We're recently built 13900k based machines for Sausalito Sound (group of composers), Sean Beeson, and others. The 13900k is available now.

The 13900k is just slightly faster than the 7950x.
In real world DAW use, there's little difference between the two.
Both offer exceptional low-latency performance (ToneX at 96k using a 16-sample ASIO buffer).
Both platforms offer rock-solid Thunderbolt connectivity.
Intel is slightly less expensive. AMD has USB4.
Jim Roseberry
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