Using Bitwig and a Digitakt sequencer

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Post Mon Dec 05, 2022 2:51 am

HI I wanted to post this to assist any who want to use the Digitakt to sequence plugins within Bitwig.

Setting up the Digitakt
1. In the Digitakt settings, go to Midi Config/Channels and set Track A-H to channels 9-16
2. Save this as a new project and name it what will help you remember to use it with Bitwig

Setting up Bitwig
1. In Settings add a new Generic controller and name it Digitakt
2. Add a new instrument track with you desired synth plugin.
3. The chart image attached shows you how to setup each track in Bitwig as each track receives data exclusively.
4. Set each Track's Monitoring to On (By default its Auto). If you dont set all to "On" you will not hear the tracks playing back unless you arm them all first. So setting to Track Monitoring "On" skips this step. You can find track monitoring by right clicking the Track and choosing Monitor from the dropdown. Alternatively, you can click the small speaker next to the controller input. It will say Monitor Mode. Click this until a yellow circle appears.

Assigning VST plugin controls to the Digitakt knobs
1. Stop playback before making controller assignments
2. On the Digitakt - Select the desired track
3. In Bitwig - select the plugin parameter, right click it and select Map to controller or key.
4. On the Digitakt - turn one of the 8 knobs you wish to assign.

[What doesnt work is trying to use the Device Page controls in Bitwig with the Digitakt. (I used midi cc 20-27 on the Digitakt) I found that trying to do this is messy and using P locks on one track affects all the tracks simultaneously - even though each track is on its own midi channel. Also changing the page to a different set of controls also becomes the target of the modulation, so it is just too crazy. It just doesnt work.]

So I hope this helps you out.
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