Midi keyboards with polyphonic aftertouch?

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Post Wed Jan 25, 2023 2:29 pm

himalaya wrote: Fri Feb 10, 2017 3:09 amAny chance of finding what you desire are almost nil if you take into account that the main key-bed manufacturer, Fatar, does not have a single design with poly-aftertouch. Remember, we live in the button-pushing era, not a keyboard-expression era, so there is little commercial push to make such designs available, even at a higher price point.
Fun fact, the Ensoniq range of poly-AT keybeds (all their top of the line boards from the VFX/EPS up to the ASR-10/TS-10) are all Fatar TP8S keybeds. That keybed was used in a variety of other boards, some of which have poly-AT (like the Gem S2/S3 and Waldorf Quantum mkii), some of which don't (like the Roland A-70, Moog One, and original Waldorf Quantum).

A poly-AT keyboard can be made out of just about any keybed that supports regular old AT.

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How are these poly-aft if the official Fatar specification states that the TP8S keybed only supports monophonic aftertouch?

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The old Roland APro series has it and can be found prety cheap these days. I have the APro300 which is a great keyboard, unfortunately designed specifically for Sonar, so to support everything on it you need to use Sonar or band(whatever) its called these days. Pretty sure anyway.

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