One Synth Challenge #167: Any One DAW Synth (Taron Wins!)

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Post Sun Jan 29, 2023 7:16 am

My submission: ... al_sharing

DAW: FL Studio 21
Chosen synth: Fruity DX10

"Have you ever seen a winter solstice at -40? Is it rising or falling? Actually you can't tell at the time. It rises above the horizon only for a few hours and while it shines, it creates a beautiful palette of colors in the sky."

A little composition created with stock FL Studio synth. It is intended to be some kind of digital FM synth emulation. It is kinda limited, but I wanted to try to make a track with something like that and also try another kind of sound rather than the usual virtual analog.

10 instances of Fruity DX10 used for all sounds.

Technical details:

Native Effects:

x1 Balance
x10 Parametric EQ 2
x5 Delay 3
x1 Stereo Enhacer
x1 PanOMatic
x1 Wave Candy
x1 dB Meter

VST Effects:

x2 AdHd "Leveling Tool"
x1 Eventide "Blackhole"

Master Chain:

TDR "Nova"
TDR "Limiter №6 GE"


x10 Generators
x25 Effects
x13 MIDI Patterns
x11 Mixer Tracks
No Audio Clips
x10 Automation Clips
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Post Sun Jan 29, 2023 2:01 pm

My entry:

Used only Studio One stock synth Mai Tai.

DAW: Studio One 5 Pro

10 instances of Mai Tai synth

Comeback Kid
Vertigo VSM-3
Wave Box

EDIT: Some mixing rework done to first version.
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Leonard Bowman
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Post Sun Jan 29, 2023 4:20 pm

I got a little creative and probably bent the rules a little, but I had fun and that was my goal. For reasons I'm not going to share on a public forum, I don't have access to my main music computer right now. Consequently I went with something more portable: a Nintendo DSi.


Here's NitroTracker, a homebrew DSi tracker. it only plays samples, so I recorded things with the DSi mic and edited them down to single samples. After looping and adding envelopes, you have something like a very basic wavetable synth.

------- act NaTuRal --------
made in NitroTracker v0.4
16 channels, all single cycles used.
source sounds recorded and arranged on my green Nintendo DSi, rendered into my Zoom H4n.
photo also taken with the DSi camera, in all its 0.3MP glory + built-in editor

tracker file attached for anyone who wishes to play it on their own DS :wink:
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Post Mon Jan 30, 2023 2:54 am

Here is my submission! I wanted to stick to Reaper, and drafted ideas for both Complex X Filter Synth & Yutani Mono Bass Synth (Saike). But both those options proved too CPU intensive for my PC. Switched to **ReaSynth** to see what I could do with it! The piece basically done during 4 hr flight to Perth, minus some additional ear candy + mastering.

28 x tracks w/ ReaSynth in, some with multiple instances for layering (total number of ReaSynth instances = 75)

Additional effects include:
- ReaEQ
- Ozone 9 Elements
- TB_Barricade_v3
- TB_Reverb_v3
- TB_Compressor_v3
- Flux Mini 2
- Little Radiator
- kHs Transient Shaper
- kHs Delay
- kHs Trance Gate
- Puncher 2
- Dragonfly Hall Reverb
- Baby Comeback
- BoostX
- freeTILT
- Baselane
- Compressor (SocaLabs) ... al_sharing

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Post Mon Jan 30, 2023 3:29 am

Here is my entry. ... al_sharing

I used Ableton Live 11.2.7 and 15 instances of Operator.

Stock Plugins:
Filter Delay, Grain Delay, Delay, Frequency Shifter, Reverb, LFO, Compressor, Overdrive, Auto Filter, EQ Three, EQ Eight, Amp, Glue Compressor, Drum Buss, Spectrum, Utility, Chorus, Saturator, Phaser.

External Plugins:
Izotope Ozone 10, ADPTR MetricAB.

Thank you for listening.

Sample Me

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Post Mon Jan 30, 2023 11:44 pm

My submission: ... wn-reality

After a long time not finishing a track I am very happy I managed to finish my first track this year! It's not perfect by any means but I always think of the famous "The mix is almost perfect" pic before redoing a track a hundred times.

-12 LUFS Integrated, -1 True Peak Max

DAW: Ableton Live 11 Suite
19x Ableton Operator
19x Ableton Utility
24x Ableton EQ8
1x Ableton EQ3
2x Ableton Auto Filter
4x Ableton Compressor
2x Ableton Multiband Dynamics
1x Ableton Saturator
1x Ableton Overdrive
1x Ableton Amp
2x Xfer OTT
10x Ableton Reverb
4x Ableton Simple Delay
2x Infected Mushroom Wider
2x Fabfilter Pro Q3
1x Ableton Glue Compressor
1x Voxengo Tube Amp
1x Fabfilter Pro-L2
1x Ableton Reverb (Send)
1x Ableton Simple Delay (Send)

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Post Tue Jan 31, 2023 1:23 am

Hi All,

My Submission:

Daw: Bitwig
Synth Poly Grid - 30 instances

Native FX
Filter, Compressor, Dynamics, Saturator, EQ+, Chorus+, Delay+,Peak Limiter, Distortion, Reverb, Convolution

3rd Party FX
Deelay, STFU, Freeclip, Decapitator, UAD: Pultec EQP-1A, Lexicon 224, API 2500
Comp VCA-65, Spacerek, Raum, MAAG EA4, Transient Master, Supercharger, Loudmax
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Post Tue Jan 31, 2023 4:15 am

It's been awhile since I posted a track but this was a good oppurtunity
for me to use Operator. Here's my track:

DAW Ableton
Instances of Operator 21

FX the usual suspects: Compressor, Delay , Reverb

Hope you like it!

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Post Tue Jan 31, 2023 6:57 am

Entry: ... 167lessmeh

21 intances of Operator in Ableton Live 11.
DAW Effects: Eq8, Delays, Compresssors, Saturator, Reverbs, Redux
3rd Party: Valhalla SuperMassive, OrilRiver

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Post Tue Jan 31, 2023 10:07 am ... -daw-synth

Hey all! Here's my track.

Ableton Tension (20ish instances)

Usual built in plug ins. (EQ, Compressor, Hybrid Reverb, Delay)
Valhalla Supermassive
Limiter 6

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Post Tue Jan 31, 2023 12:08 pm ... al_sharing

Here's my submission, "Can We Talk?"

Cubase 12
24 instances of Retrologue
10 X native EQ
1 X native compressor
1 X native limiter
6 X Reverence reverb
2 X Valhalla Supermassive
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Post Tue Jan 31, 2023 12:16 pm

My entry for this month.

DAW is REAPER and the synth used is Partials. ... al_sharing

Session details


Synth Instances: Partials x11

FX List:

FreeClip x2

dbx-160 Stereo
TR5 Equal
TR5 Brickwall Limiter


FirComp x3
epicPLATE x6
bx_cleansweep x6
VPRE-2C x6
NastyDLAmkII x4
TR5 VC-670
Valhalla Supermassive x2
Dimension Expander
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Post Tue Jan 31, 2023 12:32 pm

Tsss, last day, but I've already managed to not miss the first month: ... al_sharing

LeMoux(which really means, eh...nothing?)
Of course I had to go with MULab! And I had to rediscover using the Poly Synth module and go nuts with it a little. Virtually all sounds are made from scratch, except for "Matty", which I made many years ago. A great deal of the sounds use Resonators, which I hardly remembered existing?! But they are tons of fun, even if a little unwieldy at times and always need some High Pass to not freak, it seems.
Although it could only have been a brief encounter for me this time (again), I will most certainly play more with MULab's gorgeous Modular world as I fell back in love with it. Amazing! :hyper:

Instances: 15
3rd Party FX:
Auburn Sounds Panagement (still has to be my favorite),
LoudMax, OTT, CHANNELEV (very interesting!), Valhalla Supermassive, and I got introduced to a real treasure trove of curious mini vsts from AirWindows. In this case I've used Galactic64 and Wider64. (Thank you, TSOM! :hug: )

...let's see if I can keep my promise for this OSC year!

That's pretty much all

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Post Tue Jan 31, 2023 12:58 pm

single instance entry for me this month. Made with one instance of Alchemy in Logic. I had fun with this. Tried to reproduce the sound i remember playing recitals as a kid in a large hall that was rented out at the time. i hope you all like this one ok.

Tech stuff: one Alchemy, a compressor with a few dB of needle tick to catch peaks, and a channel eq used to shelve the low-end because I could not tame it within Alchemy. no other plugins, pretty raw, including the playing haha smdh. the output is just a live performance with no quantizing.

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Post Tue Jan 31, 2023 1:24 pm

Blender Render 2023-02-01 00.56-50.jpg
Good luck everyone, here's my entry, hope you enjoy it!


I'm a proud (and annoyed sometimes) owner of a bigger FL Studio, so I chose Harmor.

It's good I did, cause I learned about its awesomeness so much more than I knew before. Especially with me being obsessed with phase lately.

Why Harmor is awesome:
- Phase is an issue only as far as the user is an issue. It's a joke, but it's directionally true.
- Global EQ. Shaping your sounds with no phase issues was never that easy IMO.
- Huge modulation capabilities. Mapping of the macros (that I love for everything that needs to come to life) or mapping of anything, for that matter, is extremely extensive. For example, you get 1 dedicated envelope for every parameter you want. Or 1 macro mapping graph for each! That are absolutely free for you to adjust. How cool is that?
- Huge sonical range. Both tonal and atonal is not a problem for this beast.

After a terrible aliasing-city that was V-Station (and I did a video of tests proving that), it was a pleasure to work with a fantastic, clean sound source that bends and twists.

- Eats CPU for lunch. You'd better have a lot of cores. (Actually, it's not even that crazy by modern standards. It's amazing that this synth was created years and years ago.)
- The UI is something to behold sometimes. In a bad way. Now that I "get" it, I almost appreciate it, but if you want to scare people away from synthesis and you don't have a modular setup around you, just show'em this one. Even an experienced synth user would have trouble adjusting to the conventions, especially if additive as a whole is news to you.

Shoutouts to plugins:
- Valhalla Supermassive is a must for every OSC. Holy Molly.
- Both Eplex7 filter and W1 Limiter did a fine job of catching some peaks.
- Auburn Sounds Lens on my master! That's crazy! Awesome, awesome plugin. Can't say enough nice things. Talked to a developer, too, he was very pleasant and cordial. :)
- ChowTape on master! Yes! I have a special, extremely dialed down preset I now use on masters sometimes. Literally 7% mixed in. Works out for me so far.

36 instances of Harmor. I wasted most of em on little details, as one usually does. Not even that crazy. Drums had to be synthesized from little tiny sines, so they ate up a lot, too. These are not samples or sample playbacks, just to be clear.

P.S. I'm learning Blender, did an album cover myself. That's supposed to be "me". :)

I for sure will transfer some of the synthesis tricks to my students with this one, the power of Harmor would be actually handy to a lot of advanced peeps.

Thank you for reading. Have fun! ... c5447f5187
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