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Transparent Compressor
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Post Thu Mar 30, 2023 2:20 am

El°HYM wrote: Wed Mar 29, 2023 10:31 pm My only point is that 'Try for free' implies that the 'normal' is to pay for a demo - version. While its actually normal that a demo/trail is always for free.
Hmm, isn't it just a case of "explicitly stating the obvious to eliminate any doubt"? I don't see why stating the obvious would imply that it isn't so obvious.

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Post Thu Mar 30, 2023 4:37 am

So howsoever is the plugin? Anyone tested the free demo trail yet. :tu:
The art of knowing is knowing what to ignore.

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Post Thu Mar 30, 2023 5:45 am

El°HYM wrote: Wed Mar 29, 2023 10:31 pm trail is always for free.
Unless you leave a breadcrumb trail, which requires one to buy a bread.
More BPM please

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Post Thu Mar 30, 2023 5:48 am

simmo75 wrote: Wed Mar 29, 2023 5:26 pm Why are only selling one single license for one computer? Normally you would expect at least two.
This is a limitation of the anti-piracy system used. Anyway the price is reasonable, in case you need a second one. Let's do the following. For this week only (until Sunday), if you purchase one license write an email asking for a second one and we will issue it at no extra cost, for anyone on this forum.

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