Bitwig VS Ableton

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Post Sun May 28, 2023 1:35 pm

I feel trapped! I wish I was a stubborn person and stayed with Cubase (started using it about 2002).

Learning other DAWs made me collecting those DAWs and keep selling them then buying them again as I miss using them!

Anyway, the only DAW that I sold and don't have it now is Bitwig. The reason that I sold it, not really because of the DAW itself, but I didn't like the company policy, although they have a great and very friendly support. But, the most annoying is their update policy. If they change it to 'normal' version upgrades, then I probably would buy it again.

I have Logic, Reason, Live and S1 installed on my mini M1 Mac and Cubase, Live, Reason, S1 installed on my Windows PC.

What I like most of Live is how great integrated with Lunchkey mk3. I also like the fast starting and quit time besides other things. What I don't like is how awkward is to use session and arrangement views together, also the editors and overall components positioning (Reason is the worst).

The best balanced DAW of all these is S1 IMO, but I don't trust it's stability and behind the scenes code! Anyway, I need to finish a song with it and then see it's result.

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Post Mon May 29, 2023 3:40 am

Today, i'm only "familear" with REAPER, Bitwig and Live, but i am curious where the other DAWs are at today, i have no clue :)
But that said, i have no plans of beeing a DAW enthusiast, still good times as FastTracker 2 sure has some competition today :D ;)

About the Bitwig-thing of oopsie, i got an extended 7 month and now we were allowed to enter Bitwig 5 if the beta started while the plan was still valid so, i think it makes us all even now, and shake hands (speaking for myself, humbly) ;)
I would be very very surprised if that happened again, i'm sure there is a better way :)
Anyway, enough humble'ness, off to make some muzzikk!! ;)

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Post Wed May 31, 2023 2:46 am

one thing against Bitwig is that they do not seem to provide email support unless you have an active subscription. I get it but its not the industry norm. but even when getting support from them the attitude tends to be a hands off approach to issues. Which will in the end make one more proficient since we have to figure out most things on our own. Thanks to Youtubers and their tutorials we can learn a lot.

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Post Sat Jun 03, 2023 1:02 am

I love Live for live looping and "jam sessions" where you can kind of just additively create stuff and mess with ideas easily. Its really inspiring. I own Bitwig as well, and appreciate that it doesn't seem afraid to allow the users to really dive deeper into a lot of stuff, but some aspects of it still feel clunky.

I use Reaper for most everything else, but once Bitwig grows into its own a bit more, I'll probably do all my rock stuff in Reaper, and all my electronic music stuff in Bitwig. Ableton will probably always be the jam session DAW for me, I think it will be tough to beat for that.

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Post Wed Jun 07, 2023 11:12 am

- nevermind -
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