A fun way to play LIVE with Ableton (more versatile than RC505)

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Post Tue May 16, 2023 5:06 am

Hey musicmaking-friends,

Do you also sometimes wish to stand up from your studio chair, move away from mouse and keyboard, and "just" make some music? Not in hours and hours of editing, but right now, in this moment, creating a Track on the fly?

I always dreamt about having a really smooth workflow for true "LIVE" production. So here it is - not perfect, but alrighty :D Feel free to tell me your best-practise for live-track-creation!


Since i love touchcontrol, i decided to use two 24 inch screens as my main spaceship to control everything. The advantage: when i move a controller, i see WHAT Parameter is moving and WHERE it's moving - unlike with conventional hardware controllers like Midi Twister etc, where you have nice haptics, but are visually disconnected from any Ableton Label.

Therefore, i had to overcome the two biggest restrictions which come with Ableton for me. a) Ableton itself can't properly be controlled via Touchscreen in every aspect you need for live performance. "TouchablePro" or "Lk" are good, but not enough.
b) although Ableton is called Ableton Live, it cannot even re-create the most basic workflow of a RC505 Loopstation. So no wonder, that Beardyman or other Looping geniusses still relied on the RC505 for years.

It took quite some time to overcome those obstactles, but it worked thanks to the help of the community and friendly programmers. :) The most honorable mentions are
- One Button Looper, a m4l Looper, which is far superior to the crappy Ableton Looper Plugin. You have visual feedback for each Looper, and even some layers.
- OSC/PILOT, i built my custom Touch Interface with it, controlling every Track, Send, Device, Effect, Transport function
- Bome Midi Translator, with which you re able to put ANY Keyboard Shortcut (like Ctrl+Alt+E) onto a Midi Knob

Hope you enjoy the video, please feel free to give feedback or share your own live-production-ways!, it s really appreciated :)
After many hours of configurations in Ableton, i can show you my personal approach, based on two 24 inch Touchscreens. Hope you enjoy it! Starting with minute 1, you see the interface. And please feel free to share some tips from your own workflows in the comments :)
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Post Fri May 19, 2023 7:09 pm

Very nice! Great atmospherics! The highpass effect brought in at points was a great transition effect.

To your question: I'd like to see more music.

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Post Mon May 29, 2023 2:36 pm


I ll be honest, instead of publishing more music i delved deeply into Bitwig (out of curiosity), and i might even change to Bitwig from Ableton someday... Haha

But aside from this technical intermission, more music is soon about to come :)

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Post Wed Jun 07, 2023 1:22 am

I am interested, especially how live looping can be done in Bitwig…

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Post Sat Jun 10, 2023 6:20 am

Tj Shredder wrote: Wed Jun 07, 2023 1:22 am I am interested, especially how live looping can be done in Bitwig…
Oh! After lots of testing, i made a huge very detailed video about Bitwig!
It also adresses exactly how Bitwig could be greatly improved for Live Looping, without much effort from the developers side (i guess).
The topic of Live performance starts at minute 14:45

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