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Post Sat Jun 10, 2023 9:04 am

hi, oh wow, i made a stupid error, i didnt see the setting that it cuts off everything below 47 hz instead of 20 hz (you cannot go lower


a) why would anyone cut so much off at all? i can understand 20 hz....

b) strange thing is i just loaded a project where it was set to 47 hz but when i can my EQ AFTER monofilter it shows movement all the way down to 0 hz, how can this be?

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Post Sat Jun 10, 2023 12:45 pm

Monofilter is much more than a basic EQ on the "sides" to take out low end. It is capable of taking the stuff that is decorrelated in the difference, and feeding it back to the sum in phase. If you don't actually use it for this or are even aware of this feature, i am not sure why you would buy such a moderately pricy plugin if all you wanna do is cut low end from the stereo difference. There is plenty of paid and even free plugins that will do just that.

I don't even touch the low filter on Monofilter and mostly use the scaled bands to get the desired amount of correlation. Cutting the lows from the sides is not an actual solution to the problem and cutting low end out of the sides makes mixes sound a bit thin IMO

What do you mean by "shows movement down to 0hz" in a correlation meter you mean?

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