Good FFT analyzer?

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Hi folks,

I'm looking for an FFT with a couple of specific features:

1) the ability to put "markers" on the plot. Say i'm synthesizing a snare and want to be sure it's fundamental stays at 170 hz. So i'd like to put a marker there so i can always see if my fundamental is still in the right place.

2) i'd like the fundamental and first few harmonics to show frequency (or maybe also note number) indications in real time. Obviously most FFTs will show you the frequency when you hover your mouse around, but i'd like to have a real time display as the frequency moves around.



Wait, i can already answer my own question, Melda saves the day again, MAnalyzer is amazing and does all i need. Putting markers could be easier but can be done with the "areas" feature.


Dunno about markers but check TDR Prism

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