perhaps 13 times better than being at Coachella tonight . . .

Anything about MUSIC but doesn't fit into the forums above.


is sitting on my sofa in my cozy living room with the Hi Def Hi Fi A/V coming loud from UTube channel
Charlotte de Witte - Grimes - Purple Disco Machine - Japanese House - Raye - The Bleachers
there are several others today & last night, eh . . . not so much
but the above do get serious props from this consumer, all amazing and with great audio

this is the only way to attend a "festival" !
expert only on what it feels like to be me


festivals are no good
fred durst is always there
telling people to "burn stuff"
ah böwakawa poussé poussé


I have no doubt that future generations will look back at concert going as barbaric.
GG Allin will be the new Alexander The Great.

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