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It's probably easy to do but I struggle drawing such lines in Logic compared to FL Studio.
I need it to be aligned perfectly if I want to automate ON/OFF of a plugin for instance.

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Waiting in the lobby of a hospital right now (nothing bad) so I can’t give you exact help. Dm me if you don’t figure it out from what I say here and I can write a better post tonight. But there’s two things that affect this.

So if you want to hold option and pen tool for stepped automation you have two things you need to know. The automation snap settings located in the middle top right of the ui in the snap drop down menu. This will set the size of your step. Now what sucks about logic is it matters where your song starts. It needs to start on an even beat to your measurement if not your steps are all off in which case sometimes will happen (a bar of mostly silence transition comes to mind) happen with song arrangement and in that case you select all the automation with marquee tool and use keyboard shortcuts for move forward or back by grid division commands Logic Pro still needs some automation love from the devs for sure.
• Logic Pro 10.8.1
• MacBook Pro 2023 - M2 MAX - 96 GB RAM
• Focusrite Red 8Line + UAD Satellite

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