Streamdeck xl or loupedeck ct for Cubase Pro 13

Anything about hardware musical instruments.


I'm hesitating between the Streamdeck XL and the Loudeck CT for Cubase Pro 13.

Any opinions on the subject?

The loupedeck has a wheel and knobs, this seems to be an advantage.

which of the two is more reliable, efficient, easier to use and more suitable for Cubase Pro 13?

Thank you in advance for your answers.


If it's just going to be a device with a screen, why not use an iPad + Metagrid? If you already have an iPad I think Metagrid is $30.


I tried the Steamdeck and then sold it on...honestly I found a mouse with a few wheels and programable buttons and my keyboard to be the best solution solution! This one has 12 side buttons and a wheel, your hand will be on it most of the time anyway! ... 9hdGY&th=1
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