Sample Logic releases ultraSPHERE - first virtual instrument engine in 18-year company history

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Introducing our all-new virtual instrument engine: ultraSPHERE - Soundscape Designer!

ultraSPHERE features 1,700 sample instruments and presets powered by our new UltraEngine, including a 10.5 GB sample library (1,520 audio samples).

Loaded with inspiring presets, ultraSPHERE is a pick-up-and-play powerhouse. Use the preset browser to find the perfect atmosphere and design your soundscapes with our UltraEngine, XY core mixer and UltraBand Sound Sculptor. STACK - SHAPE - CREATE!

ultraSPHERE is now available at an introductory price of $299.99 instead of $399.99 for just 2 weeks.

Learn more here:

Videos ... 1SqDP22Aoz

SoundCloud Demos ... emo-tracks


Very nice - but $300 - way too expensive - Maybe $200. :o :o :o

Ill stick to layering granular. :tu:


yeah i think it gets kinda boring having mostly Romplers?
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Sounds nice but it's WAY to expensive. You would sell a lot more copies and make a lot more money in the end if it was priced at say $99

At $99 I would buy it instantly, for $299 it's a no go, at the $399 is a hell no

You are pricing it like it's Omnisphere which can make similar sounds and do a lot more and has a significantly larger sample and preset library. You are also pricing it significantly higher than UVI Falcon, Arturia Pigments, and HALion7 which can also make similar sounds yet cost significantly less

Yes your plugin is different than those and has unique features. I would buy those features for $99 but not $299

Just my two cents


Have to agree.. this plugin pricing just isn't going to cut it considering the content and engine. Heck, you just got even more competition due to Dawesum's Myth.

.. and being in Omnisphere pricing territory is just silly when you don't have even a tenth of the library nor the synthesis.
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Sorry to pile on, but customer feedback is valuable so --- I agree this feels overpriced in todays market. For a soundscape type synth I would look to pay ~$99 tops, maybe $149 for something amazing that I needed immediately. For example, I think I paid $29 each (on sale) for x developers synths which offer similar results. It's a great time to be a buyer.

Congrats on releasing your own standalone software though, it looks clean.


very good sampler
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can you load your own samples?
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Who is going to install hundereds of these sample players with their own copy protection mechanisms and other crap for some samples libraries? I'm definitely not into that. Sounds like a nightmare.


Does it support MPE?


martiu wrote: Thu Apr 18, 2024 2:37 pm can you load your own samples?
Not in this version.
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I got this today after spending the last ten days designing sounds to convince myself not to get it. So here are my thoughts after a few hours of messing around.

- It runs very smoothly on my 4 year old off-the-shelf mackbook pro.
- The sounds are really high quality.
- Very flexible due to the modulation, effects available, and randomisation features.
- Not tied to Kontakt. This is a standalone VST.
- Easy to use. Haven't looked at the manual yet.

- You can't import your own audio.
- I also think 299 (with the intro discount) is expensive. the retail price is similar price to Omnisphere (with all those samples!), and more expensive than Falcon or Concept 2 but there are no synth capabilities.
- The sources have no explanation about how they were made (like Omnisphere's) at this price point, it is disappointing not to see this.

I would have liked to see:
- A granular engine would have been really cool.

Other tools that do similar things?
- Tons, even from the same maker. The Cube from Lunacy, or Lunaris 2 both have incredible sounds, do similar things, let you import your own sounds, and are cheaper!

I really like it, but I was in the market for something like this and didn't want to be tied o Kontakt as I don't use it.
I think that for composers/musicians who can afford it, and are in need of an atmosphere/soundscape tool, I'd say this is worth looking into. You can get great sounding stuff fast with minimal tweaking, but if you're happy to tweak, there are tons of options.
There are a few videos on youtube that go through a lot of the presets, so you can get a good idea about it before purchasing.


It looks very creative and I’m happy to see that they have finally unhitched themselves from Kontakt. I hope that’s the direction that they are aiming for with any future releases.

Although it ships with a huge sound library and tons of impressive ways to sculpt the audio, an instrument like this should offer the ability to import user audio files.

It would be much more attractive to me to have that basic function so that I could transform my own samples with what appears to be a very powerful overall instrument. That was a big missed opportunity in my view.

Also, as someone who has purchased other Sample Logic releases, I was disappointed that the lowest intro offer for previous customers was $279. Unfortunately, that price will be prohibitive for many hobbyists.

I don’t doubt the quality of this plug-in and I’m sure it’s a pleasure to work with. Now that they have their own proprietary code for actual VST’s, I will watch to see if they update ultraSPHERE to accommodate user audio import and any bug fixes. For now, I will pass.


as you can see Samplelogic just promotes here, nothing else. i liked their stuff but sadly they pump one library after another for ridiculous prices.
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I love it. Absolutely top shelf. These latest from SampleLogic are truly inspiring :tu:

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