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I've been looking around the internet for a while now in hopes of finding plugins similar to the production of early 2000's Japanese visual kei, and i'm specifically trying to find vintage string synthesizer vsts, though haven't had much luck. if there's any plugins from the 2000's and earlier that might have vintage strings, organs, choirs, harpsichords, or bells, please let me know. i'm also not looking for kontakt libraries or anything of the sort, and im already aware of the Korg plugins, but they haven't really given me the sound i'm still looking for. the type of music i'm trying to replicate is down below, first one is at 0:20 and 0:46, second at 2:11, thank you.




Have you had a look at Full Bucket synths? They're all free emulations of early Korgs among other things. One is specifically a string machine from that era.



I know you said you tried Korg synths, but I think Triton might be a good one to check out.

It seems each time stamp you indicated was some sort of organ sound in the first video, so I'm not sure if you meant all the other sounds along with that sound, or not (?).


It's not as much about the synths. It's more about the musical style and how they used their instruments. If you give Ryuichi Sakamoto American and European-made synths, his music will still sound like his. I mean, Isao Tomita used a bunch of Moog stuff. An actual Japanese VST synth I recommend is HY-Poly. I'm sure that with clever programming, you can get the stuff you want out of Surge and Charlatan 3.

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