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Nice suggestions. I've demoed the Output subscription so I can try out Portal and am slightly underwhelmed. Only fiddled for a short while but struggled to get anything musical from it. It's not very intuitive when compared to Fragments but resource usage is much better. OTOH, Movement and Thermal are nice.


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Sinisterbr wrote: Sat Apr 20, 2024 7:43 am My advice: Go to this thread and follow the link to buy Kroto's Concept 2 for 1US$ (you can pay more if you want). You'll get a great granular engine AND a great overall synth.

Thanks for this recommendation. Purchased the bundle and had a good play around with Concept 2- sounds great and really easy to use. Modulation seems limited but given that I'm using granular purely to make some atmospheric paddy stuff, this is fine. Better results with this than Portal.

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