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Maybe there's friction betwen Bandlab online DAW crew and Cakewalk Next desktop DAW crew?
Bandlab want to keep it free and Cakewalk want to charge money for it.
:shrug: :-D :shrug:


That's certainly absolutely impossible. :shrug:
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They completely did a 180 with their graphics! Before it looked more defined and detailed and had that cool 3D vintage look. Now it looks worse than Ableton and I think Ableton is flat and ugly AF! They brought up vector and high resolution graphics as the excuse, but that's bullshit. Reaper is a good example of having the same look but vector and hi-res.


I wish Cakewalk Sonar was Mac-Compatible
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It really looks like they're taking their design cues from Studio One these days.


DocAtlas wrote: Sat Sep 16, 2023 11:22 am I emailed Bandlab about the upcoming Sonar; I was wondering if those of us who bought a lifetime license back when Gibson owned it would get the new Sonar free or at a discount. They weren't sure as of the response a few weeks ago. I guess we'll see.
I'm with you on that one! Something should be done for those who spent the money, only for it to be free within a year.


I purchased a lifetime license for Sonar Platinum (while the IP was owned by Gibson).
When BandLab purchased the IP, all legal agreements (under Gibson) were null/void.
This is why some bundled 3rd-party plugins were no longer bundled with Cakewalk By BandLab.
Unfortunately, that also means the lifetime license (created under Gibson) was null/void.

Noel has mentioned that the current "Backstage Pass" subscription ($15/month or $150/year) is the single charge for both Cakewalk Sonar and Next.

If you're looking long-term, it's best for the user-base that Cakewalk Sonar is monetized in some fashion... as it'll be taken more seriously by the industry.
ie: 3rd-party plugins will be tested for compatibility (instead of "not officially supported").

I've talked to Noel... and a great deal of time/energy went into the new graphic changes.
It's not just the look... but about refresh/performance... and how that works with higher-resolution displays.
I'm not a fan of "flat" style GUIs (somewhat popularized by Abelton Live)... but I'm also not crazy about Reaper's UI.
I like Reaper, just not a fan of the GUI (or spending hour-upon-hour trying to customize it).
Comparing Cakewalk By BandLabs GUI to Cakewalk Sonar, though I'm not crazy about the flat UI, the later is more sharp/crisp... and more smooth/responsive.

Obviously, fundamental graphic changes aren't the most exciting of new features.
It's the equivalent of new tires for an automobile.
Start with a refreshed rock-solid foundation... then build upon that.
Moving forward, that's a sound long-term solution (albeit not immediately exciting).

I don't have a lot of interest in Next.
Not concerned with Mac compatibility. Have a Mac Studio... but it's more for support/testing.
Custom PCs do the heavy lifting here (my whole career is based around that).
Not interested in "simpler/lighter"; I'd rather have the full-featured DAW.

The DAW market is crowded/competitive.
Recently, features have been more evolutionary (vs revolutionary).
Of course there are exceptions; the ability to split a stereo mix into Stems is extraordinary.

It'll be interesting to see where Cakewalk Sonar (and the market as a whole) goes.
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Seems that devs are sensitive to trends going, flat toolbars or not etc.

Enclose some old Finale Guitar I have that allowed plenty choice different styles, and bottom is currrent look, which is very plain without character to me.

Other examples are dark themes or light themes, even Windows have fallen for that.

Windows 11 is the worst looking Windows ever IMO. Workflow seriously affected since you don't see which tabs are active and similar.
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In the Finale example, I do prefer the flat GUI.
At least for me... it feels less distracting to the eye (quicker recognition).
Almost like the best company logos. One split-second look... and you immediately know the company.

When offered, rarely do I change Themes.
I don't have a lot of spare time to be creative. What little I do have, I don't want to spend tweaking a GUI.

Win11 doesn't bother me... but there are more facets to rein-in (Privacy settings, Copilot, etc).
Each time MS changes Windows version, it's almost like they feel compelled to change the name or location of a few things.
Also, don't understand why MS felt it necessary to require TPM 2.0 and 8th Gen CPUs.
Though there's a new thread scheduler (specific for CPUs with Performance and Efficient cores), there's little to no appreciable performance difference vs. Win10.

Myself/clients moved to Win11 when MS broke the ability to disable CPU Core Parking (later builds of Win10 - only affected 12th/13th Gen CPUs).
I'm pretty sure that's since been fixed... but it was the compelling reason I'd been waiting for.
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