USB/Midi port conflict Arturia Minifreak

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Hello everybody,

i have a very annoying issue:

My Arturia Minifreak seems to be in conflict with other midi related software on my system. If it is connected, Bitwig throws an error: Could not open MIDI input: There is not enough memory available for this task.

Aside from Bitwig, the QAN1x editor won't open as well, as soon as the Minifreak is connected.

I have an iConnectivity Audio4c interface, which exposes a lot of MIDI Ports by default, could that be the issue? How do i resolve this?

Win 11, 64 GB, all on latest updates/drivers/firmware etc.

Thanks in advance


I think i found the issue, being the AKAI Network MIDI Driver. As soon as this is installed, MiniFreak USB-Midi doesn't work anymore. Now i'm looking for a solution, since i would like to use both, and i need the USB connection to link MiniFreak HW to MiniFreak V VST. Grateful for any ideas, thanks!


Device manager / view hidden devices, delete all unwanted midi devices.
See if it works for you.

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