The Siren Sings Of 7 - A Surreal Dream

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The Siren Sings Of 7

What is the siren singing effect?
Siren Singing is a musical/voice-related magical ability that allows the user to put a person or animal into an irresistible, hypnotic trance in which he/she will follow the singer around or obey the singers whim and desires without question. In this trance, the person does whatever they are told.

siren song

Definitions of siren song

the enticing appeal of something alluring but potentially dangerous

synonyms: siren call

type of:
appeal, appealingness, charm
attractiveness that interests or pleases or stimulates


The music is great. Loved the theremin like sound and the drums are really crisp.
Thanks for sharing!


The video is a trip.

Love how open and spare it is. I like the percussive synth parts that beating quarter note time. Keeps things moving but also sets a clock like atmosphere. That interlude around 1:40 is an intriguing little sidebar. It really comes out of the blue and takes you to a very different place than the rest of the tune.


The video immerses the observer in a surreal science fiction world - on a distant magical planet.
Did you make the video yourself? By which? It also has a flicker that reinforces the associative
character. Very impressive. :tu:

The underlying music supports the associative surreal character and adds “width” to it. The break
at around 1:40 stands out - I would like more of that.

Overall: It's a fantastic trip that will stay in your memory. “Visuals of Dreams” fits the title here
very precisely. Excellent! :clap:
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Lots of sympathetic "soft" sounds on here. The bell-like synth and the bass combine well, as do the vocal and theremin. I liked the glitchy effect on one of the synths that appeared in the last 75 seconds or so. Nice, rhythmic effect tying the video to the music.

Good work :)


I think Tim has nailed the description for this one Patch. Great sounds and feel.
Well done!
Music with progressive intent.

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