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Hi everybody!

I just released a new track:

Was using two of my all-time favourite perc libraries on this:
- Spitfire Hammers
- LA Modern Percussion

Would really appreciate your thoughts!

All the best, J.T.


A nice production, Excellent instruments.


Very nice.
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I kindof like it. But I think the average listener might have switched off before the minute mark. There's nothing really in that first minute that grabs the listener.
At 1:15 it does come to life. The individual sounds and the mixing were OK, but I think there needs to better arranging and a few "surprises" or a different vibe for a few bars to keep the interest.
Repetition is a key to getting people nodding along to the music, but "variety" is the key to making it interesting for them.
Sometimes when someone says this kind of music (especially "Epic" music) is "quite nice" - I don't always take that as a compliment.


Not on the Music Cafe really at the moment...just not enough time, but the 'EPIC' word dragged in me in for a listen...

Production is generally very good indeed - balanced 3D sound stage, silky smooth, shiny and punchy (without being overly compressed / limited like so many other BIG hybrid orchestral pieces I hear so often)! :)

There are also some genuinely lovely melodic moments in there - some fabulous little hooks to grab the listener's ear!
(Although I still think one or two notes here and there could be tweaked to improve the flow in certain phrases)

First 50 seconds or so - I agree with Ian (Bansaw) - just not enough development to keep some listeners interested...would've been absolutely fine as a backdrop to video without a doubt, but on its own it needs a little more change...particularly texturally.

I think my other serious criticism is that it's massively generic - just sounds like so many other 'EPIC' soundtracks....the market is flooded here and an edge of innovation / difference / originality is very much needed to stand out from the very large crowd of well produced, but homogenised pieces.

Possibly a little too much emphasis on the simple harmonic progressions used (background chords) rather than flowing melody lines interacting with each other as well for me, I think? Those high string parts - they're just arpeggios for the main part...why not turn them into fast-paced melodies that actually interact properly with the more sustained main tunes? It would potentially add a little extra edge edge of tension and dissonance if nothing else?

Overall groove (the way ALL parts interact rhythmically) - generally works quite well, but there are moments for me where the synth pulses, melodies, percussion loops and string arpeggios could sync together even more fluently.

Enjoyed it ...it works well, but for me it could still be improved in various ways.
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wtf I never got any notifications that someone replied to this thread, just saw this now and I want to thank everybody! Some really good feedback here and I really appreciate that you all took the time and responded. 🙏

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