SYNTHETIC ECHOES ( \ Techno Pack )

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Synthetic Echoes - Techno Sample Pack

Dive deep into the pulsating world of techno with the Synthetic Echoes sample pack, meticulously crafted to elevate your music production to the next level. This comprehensive collection is brimming with an expansive array of sounds, perfect for injecting new energy and creativity into your tracks.

What's Inside:

303 Acid Loops: Unleash the iconic squelch of the TB-303 with a vast selection of acid loops, ideal for crafting hypnotic basslines and electrifying leads that will captivate your listeners.

Atmospheric Pads and Plucks: Add depth and emotion to your tracks with lush, evolving pads and intricate pluck sounds, designed to create immersive soundscapes and intricate melodic textures.

Analog Basslines: Bring warmth and power to your productions with a collection of fat, analog basslines. These sounds are perfect for creating the driving low-end energy essential to any techno track.

Techno Chord Loops: Infuse your music with the soulful essence of techno using these dynamic chord loops. Perfect for layering and building the harmonic foundation of your tracks.

Drum Shots and Loops: A diverse range of punchy drum shots and loops are included to give your beats a solid foundation. From thumping kicks and crisp snares to intricate hi-hats and percussive elements, you’ll find everything you need to create hard-hitting rhythms.

FX: Elevate your productions with a wide variety of effects, including vox effects that add unique character and texture. These effects are essential for creating transitions, adding tension, and bringing your tracks to life.

Percussion Loops: Add complexity and groove to your rhythms with a selection of percussion loops. These loops are perfect for layering and creating intricate, rolling percussive patterns.

Synth Loops and Shots: A vast collection of synth loops and shots, including analog synthesizer sounds, provides endless possibilities for melodic and harmonic creativity. These sounds are perfect for crafting memorable hooks and adding unique flair to your tracks.

Vox Loops: Incorporate human elements into your music with a variety of vox loops. These vocal snippets and phrases are perfect for adding an organic touch to your techno productions.

Avenger and Pigments Patches: Take advantage of the included patches for Avenger and Pigments. These expertly crafted presets offer instant access to cutting-edge sounds, allowing you to dive straight into producing high-quality techno music.

Whether you're an experienced producer or just starting out, Synthetic Echoes offers a treasure trove of sounds that will inspire and elevate your techno productions. Immerse yourself in this collection and discover a new world of sonic possibilities.

Innovate. Create. ZTEKNO.

Pack Details:

2.73 GB
1738 Files in Total
24-Bit / 44.1kHz High-Quality
150 BPM
Key & Tempo-Labelled
Compatible With All DAWs
50 Acid 303 Loops (25 Dry & 25 Wet)
48 Synth Loops (25 Dry & 25 Wet)
48 Chord Loops (25 Dry & 25 Wet)
48 Bass Loops (Inc. Side Chain)
24 Atmo Pads
24 Pluck Loops
25 Acid 303 MIDI Loops
24 Bass MIDI Loops
24 Synth MIDI Loops
436 Drum Loops (50 Full Loops + Variations)
20 Percussion Loops
10 Snare Rolls
20 Techno Kick Loops
120 Total Drum One-Shots
102 SFX (Inc. Vox)
60 AI Vox Loops (30 Dry & 30 Wet)
10 Arturia Pigments Patches
13 VPS Avenger Patches
630 Synths One Shots

Demo Track & Download Pack Here


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