The Sound Designers of KVR Thread

How to make that sound...


Hey sound designers of KVR!

2. Predominantly Serum (no analogue gear sadly)
5. A combination of foley and synthesis
6. Launched a sample label, Lion's Den Sounds, earlier this year. Been wanting to do it for years and I'm pleased to finally be shooting my shot!


1. State name.
Bastiaan Barth ^ Solidtrax

2. What synths you have worked on.
Too many to mention.

3 and 4: What developers you have worked for / web references.

5. Prefered synthesis method (if any).
Not really - all are interesting in their own way.

6. Any other comments about your work you would like to present.
Besides sound design there are some reviews to have a look at here
I give 1-to-1 lessons and run a YouTube channel

7. Contact info.
See website or pm here.
Analog Fusion - 99 Studio Electronics SE-3X presets
Analog Wonders - 100 Behringer Pro-800 presets
Earth & Stars - 139 Free Patches for SuperMassive

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