a (variable step size) sequencer / fx vst , mark fell style. ?

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a step sequencer with individual length per step, anyone?
As well as repetions and de/increments per step and some randomness.
like mark does it.

there are lots of m4l devices or pd/max patches that implement certain aspects of it, and I even saw mark giving a lecture about his approach recently but simply not a max msp user atm so..

any hints are appreciated!

similar to this, which is actually build by him and his son (online sequencer):

https://intersymmetric.xyz/ (https://intersymmetric.xyz/)


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Hy-Plugins newly released MPS 3 has a lot of this stuff.

Individual step length, repetitions, step skip and randomisation.


ty for the answers so far guys!


El°HYM wrote: Sun Jun 16, 2024 1:09 pm Stepic maybe?
+1 on that one - My fave step sequencer for sure, and since the v1.5 update with the 'note-in' modes it's also become one of my favourite arps too


What the hell?... Use a Tracker!... Variable step, Variable ticks, with NASH ReViSiT you even got layers... Most trackers got everything you are asking for plus more...



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