Tuner plug-in for mac?

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I am trying to switch the frequency from 440hz to up to 999hz

Is there a free plug in or a way to do this for mac?

Fl studios tuner does it but not more than 500hz


You haven't had an answer because it's difficult to work out what you actually mean. 'Switch the frequency' can mean a lot of things.

- Are you looking for a pitch detection tuner to help you tune a guitar or something?
- Are you looking for an effect which will shift the pitch of some audio?

What are you actually trying to do? Please give more detail.


Sounds like they mean the reference frequency in the tuner... but holy shit 999Hz?
That's even more than an octave up from standard 440.

Half of 999 is 500 (rounded to nearest integer, unless you find a tuner which lets you input 499.5), so you can just set the reference frequency of your tuner to 500Hz.

I kinda wish I knew what you're up to, trying to set up something like that :borg:


Yeah that's why I was asking, the numbers don't make any sense!
999Hz seems arbitrary and unrelated to anything musical, and re-tuning a chromatic tuner to a centre of 999Hz is not something one does for the sake of it :)

Until they come back and tell us what they are doing, we can't really help much more!


just use a spectrum analyzer? not as good as a tuner ofc but will probably be your best option for this.
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By simply halving that 999Hz reference value (so, setting the tuner to 500Hz), it's basically going to be the same.
Those notes are going to be assigned to the upper octave compared to "actual" 999Hz (e.g. it's going to say "C5" instead of "C4"), but that shouldn't really be an issue.

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