Introducing DelayCat v1.0.6 from Red Timbre Audio

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Hi Everyone!

We want to share some great news about Delay Cat. First of all, thanks to the feedback of numerous users, we have made improvements to the plugin and now have a new version available (v1.0.6).

Most importantly, Delay Cat is once again available at the introductory price of $19.99!

We are a new company trying to find our place in the plugin world. As such, we want to lower the barrier for entry and get Delay Cat out to more users this summer.

At Red Timbre Audio, we are looking to pioneer innovative sound design and production, creating next-generation tools that leverage deep audio analysis to uniquely craft, control, and inspire your sonic experiences.

Delay Cat is an incredibly unique plugin that we’re super proud of, and we feel showcases our vision. We believe it would be a fantastic addition to your plugin collection. If you’ve been contemplating getting it, now is the perfect opportunity with this price adjustment.

Find out more details about it here:

Thank you again for your support, and we look forward to your feedback on the plugin!


You don't have to make a new thread every patch version release. :)

Typically outside of major version updates (or very major minor version updates) you could just bump the old thread with a changelog or something. This way people will be able to review all of the existing discussion if they want.


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It would be really great if you emailed license owners about any updates.
I only found out about this one from stumbling across this thread. :ud:

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