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Any chance this supports pitch bend data? I love audio to midi mostly for interesting glitches, but having continuous pitch tracking of multiple pitches brings way more material into play.

Edit: doesn't seem like it does the thing I really want it to but it still is an awesome tool to have sitting on my phone for any bizarre idea I may come up with. Also for some "sampling" when I come across anything interesting sounding in the world.
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CapnLockheed wrote: Mon Jun 24, 2024 7:31 pm Tried several .wav files. They loaded, coversion began and froze at 10% each time.
The page then became unresponsive and crashed. Chrome browser. Maybe too much traffic right now? Will try again tomorrow.
I can't be traffic for all is processed locally in your browser. If you wait and the browser get back to being responsive there is probably not enough CPU power to do this.


I had the same 10% slow down, but it just took like 20 seconds to 2 minutes depending on what I was running into it. I'm in chrome on an android.

Edit: It always jumped from "10%" to finished when it was done.
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