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Post any problems with the beta here
Please be as specific as possible and include information about your Windows version and tablet type / driver info.

I will maintain a list of known bugs on the website.
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Ok so I am interested in this product but I noticed that this BETA version is limited to only 15 minutes of run time as well as only being able to reload 2 controllers from a setup. I would love to test this out since I do own a Wacom tablet, but since this BETA is limited in functions I assume that this product will be commercially released. If this is true what sort of price tag are we looking at and what incentive do people BETA testing have that would encourage them to want to BETA test. I know that this is not a Bug Report but I feel that it is related to the program and its development.



Hy gpm, sorry you feel that way about the limitations.

First of all: the price will be below 50 american dollars.

regarding the limitations: I normally operate with a small beta team that each get the full version as a thank you, but in this case I need a large number of beta testers to ensure maximum compatibility, so no fully functional betas on this one, sorry.

Moreover there will probably be a very limited market for this product - not that many people own tablets. So I can't really afford giving away free betas.

I considered letting the betas time out after 30 days, but there are excellent utilities for setting back the system clock before launching an app, so that's not really a protection.

Finally: the program is nearly complete - the beta test is mostly about ensuring compatibility so I won't need a lot of work from the testers. - slice up your life


Cool. I justed wanted get idea of where the project stands in its development. Below $50 sounds like a very reasonable price. I'll install it later today and post back with any issues. Thanks for the quick reply.



Sounds good.
Below $50 sounds like a very reasonable price
Yep, it won't pay the bills, but I'm in the game for the fun of it :) Also I figured: you can get a decent tablet for 100 bucks, so half that price seemed reasonable. - slice up your life


On a Toshiba Tecra M4 w/ latest Wacom Penabled driver, Win XP Pro

crosshair does not correspond to pen tip and seems to move in a mirror-like fashion.
hovering over a button, e.g., puts it in focus despite the crosshair being elsewhere

some photoshop users have complained of this behavior on their tablet PCs (various manufacturers)

this behavior occurs in portrait and landscape mode

perhaps a calibration routine within tablet 2 midi might be a way...


crosshair does not correspond to pen tip
. Thanks for the info. A calibration routine sounds like a good alround solution for problems like this.
I'll see if there's a way to read orientation info from the driver. - slice up your life


I've uploaded a new version to adress the issue with the Penabled driver mirroring the coordinates. If the problem is not solved, please let me know if the pen can activate for instance a button correctly (if it's just the crosshair that is wrong)


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I can't appear to save my presets, is this a limitation of the demo or is it my end?

I type in something like 'preset1' into the filename box and hit the save button but nothing happens. Any help there?


the version i just downloaded is still .6 -- also, the problem with the crosshair not corresponding to the pen tip on my tablet pc remains


Ohm, this is really bugging me now, I cannot save any preset at all. Is this disabled or a bug?

I'm trying to set up some quite complicated layouts and if I can't save them then I have to redo them each time (10mins laying out + 5minute music making = not fun!).

Sorry if there is something blatently obvious that I'm missing, if so please point it out and i'll be on my way :)


I cannot save any preset at all
, It was disabled by mistake, has been fixed now, and v.0.62 uploaded. Note that the preview / demo will only reload two controllers, I know it's annoying if you use complex setups, but the full version is only a few weeks away.
By the way: I've disabled the 15 minutes limitation, so you just need to keep your computer running until the final version is released, and you won't have any problems :) - slice up your life


Haha, thank you ohm, appreciate it ;)


Nooo, 404 on the download:

Fix fix fix fix :D


fixing fixing fixing ... done

(silly case-sensitive webservers) - slice up your life

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