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Q: I used the Mac-installer. After purchasing a license, Where do I put the license-file?

A: On the Mac, Helix's data-folder is installed in one of two locations (depending on OS version):

To find this on a mac, use the finder, the menu-item called "go" and pick "Go to Folder...", and copy-paste one of the above paths (without the quotes).

Q: I used the Mac-installer. Helix does still not show up as 64 bit plugin

If you had helix installed before, you might now have multiple installations. And your DAW is picking up the old one. The easiest fix is to remove the old version before installing. Find and remove the bundles called "audjoo_helix.component" and
"audjoo_helix.vst" and the data-folders are called "audjoo_helix_data".

The new version of helix should only have a data-folder next to the .vst-file, not the.component-file)

Q: Where's the filter envelope?

A: None of the envelope generators (EG) are hard wired to the filters, so to connect an EG to the filter(s) you need to hook it up in the modulation matrix. In the left column(src) select an EG, and then in the DST column select the filter frequency you want the EG to control. Also the signal from the EG is ADDED to the value the frequency is set to. So make sure to close the filter to allow the EG to open it.

Q: how do I save a ".fxb" bank?

A: Helix does not support banks in a traditional sense. A bank in helix is actually a folder on your hard drive. So if you look in the "patches" folder next to audjoo_helix.dll/.vst you'll see the folders that are the banks. Create new banks by creating new folders here.

Q: Why can I not control all the wave-shaping from modulation?

A: It's a cpu-thing. One of the reasons Helix is so cpu efficient is that a lot of stuff is pre-calculated when the wave-shaping is changed, also if you play Helix while changing the wave-shaping sliders you might experience crackle.

Q: Is there a Manual?
Yes! http://www.audjoo.com/h/dl/audjoo_helix_manual.pdf

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