FR: Easy Absolute 0 preamp capability for OSC FILTERS

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Post Tue Jan 20, 2009 10:40 pm

I've noticed that on Helix, borrowing an envelope generator to use flatline values at the maximal point (with attack and velo response set to 0/none) and mapping FILTx-GAIN to modmatrix, I could manage to go beyond the pre-programmed minimum limit of the gain and get a point where it becomes 0, and beyond would be essentially "inverse output."

Would this be possible at any stage, to have a more effortless implementation to have FILTER GAIN be adjusted to zero-point, so one can make use of the envelopes to adjust volumes as such? I find this is necessary especially for when creating a signal chain involving 2/3 PM OSCs. (ie: The minimal value of gain on the prior OSC isn't low enough to achieve a desired amount...)

Perhaps, fixing the FILT-MIX for OSC FILTERS to behave slightly differently, instead of "Wet/Dry"? Like, adjust the amount of prior signal VOLUME/AMP into the AM/RM/PM OSC? Just a thought.

eg: FILT-MIX at 0 = no passthru of prior signal; SINE only.
FILT-MIX at +127 = 100% AMP passthru of prior signal then modulated. (Currently acts this way at all values, Should be adjustable.)
FILT-MIX at +64 = 50% AMP passthru of prior signal then modulated. (NOT WET/DRY, HALF AMPLIFICATION.)
FILT-MIX at -127 = 100% AMP inverted passthru of prior signal then modulated.

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Post Sat Aug 23, 2014 6:43 am

I'm currently demoing Helix, and this is one of the few quirks I found in an otherwise incredibly powerful synth. My guess is the solution would be to extend the lower limit of the gain parameter to 0 rather than "0.125"?

Really, I got quite excited once I discovered Helix is capable of quite complex FM but the inconvenience due to this little flaw was a bit of a bummer...

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