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Is there anyone here who has not been touched in some small way by Tim Conrardy? Is there a synth available that doesn't have a bank of TC patches?
come up with a tune using some of his patches and post it here, as a tribute to a dear kvr friend.

Numbers (Tribute to Tim)
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bluedad wrote:Is there a synth available that doesn't have a bank of TC patches?
It doesn't seem like it...
come up with a tune using some of his patches and post it here, as a tribute to a dear kvr friend.
I think this is a great idea!


The thing to me is that today after two hectic months I had the time finally to post again a track at the cafe, and also checked the forums in a relaxed way (not for support). Well, this same day I discovered the sad sad news, <sigh>, and the coincidence is that for this small song of mine I used the HarpTime plugin with Tim's presets, (my song),
so I feel to dedicate this to him, who loved the harp sound and lately started to play a real harp, he also posted some pretty carols here at the cafe.

Maybe we could search for the Tim's mp3 links and build a small collection here, to listen to him playing once more.
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I posted this today on Camel Audio Thread.
alexfalcao wrote:I just remember that yesterday Tim came to my mind,

I always play my MP3 player going and coming from work, and Yesterday around 3:45 EST, the song I made with just Atomic to show Tim came in the shuffle mode and I repeated the song 3 times.

http://www.soundclick.com/util/getplaye ... 62590&q=hi
free download
http://www.soundclick.com/util/download ... id=6462590

http://www.soundclick.com/util/getplaye ... 62590&q=hi
free download
http://www.soundclick.com/util/download ... id=6462590


Tim and I shared an interest in algorithmic composition. I had hoped to bring him in as a guest to speak at a workshop I teach each summer on the subject. I've missed my chance.

What I have to offer here in the thread is not a polished track -- just an exploratory "automatic composition" created with the Numerology step sequencer driving two instances of Camel Audio's Alchemy. The vocoder-ish layer is based on a recording of Tim counting the numbers one to ten, which is found among the Alchemy factory samples.

Numbers (Tribute to Tim) -- mp3, 4.7 MB, 4:04
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The free String Synth is an unbelievable sounding instrument with some absolutely stunning TC patches! I use it all the time.


Good stuff


Lovely idea for a Tribute thread. I felt compelled to make something too.

From one sound designer to another, here is my tribute to Tim. The entire track was done using one of Tims excellent Alchemy presets.

Click: Arksun - Tribute To Tim

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I knew that Tim was into ambient/new age and space music from various sites i visit and i came to know him as one of the guys who did their best to make this music genre stick around for future generations. He did it with great passion and i love him for it. Sad thing though is we take people for granted and forget to honor them while they are among us. I do hope Tim's journey to that special place dont happen to fast, i want him to stick around for a bit longer and marvel over the tribute we give to him.

Here is my tribute to a man that was no stranger to me.


Farewell Tim, i'll be sure to look for you among the stars.

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Actually, I'm not even aware of all the synths he did presets for except for the algo music ones, and Alchemy. Maybe we should compile a list too?
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zerocrossing wrote:Actually, I'm not even aware of all the synths he did presets for except for the algo music ones, and Alchemy. Maybe we should compile a list too?
Top idea mate. Yes. A TC museum if you will. All the instruments and the corresponding presets. I guess the devs would have to help with that. Algo Music and Camel Audio to start with.


zerocrossing wrote:Actually, I'm not even aware of all the synths he did presets for except for the algo music ones, and Alchemy. Maybe we should compile a list too?
Uh... it's a bunch... Here's an old list of his own: http://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic ... 05#1219747


The late great Tim Conrardy's Sound Design resume, in his own words:
Name : Tim Conrardy (TC)
TC Sound Design

Starting in the late 70's with electronic music lessons by Prof Allen Strange , I became the EM tutor at DeAnza college, CA, where I quickly learned many forms of synthesis. In the 80's I was hired by Sound Connections to create patches for the DX7. In the 90's, I became sound engineer for Investments In Nature studio where I produced numerous CD's by the late Tajalli and others. Created a successful Atari-MIDI resource called Tims Atari MIDI World ( http://tamw.atari-users.net ) where I contacted various programmers and companies for release of their former Atari-MIDI products. This continues to be updated with new applications.

Then started getting into the softsynth world by creating two highly acclaimed banks for Green Oaks Crystal VSTi. From there, many developers started to contact me for sound design work. I have also started a company called AlgoMusic ( http://www.algomusic.nl ) in which we are producing softsynths. I have also won numerous sound design competitions at Patch Arena ( including the "Best Pad" catagory) My objective is to obtain full time work in a known company as well as paid contract work from other developers.

Sound Design Experience
Commercial VSTi's

1. AlgoMusic's M42 Nebula: I consider this my own custom synth. Designed with my specifications, over 356 presets are available. Particular to this synth is the "totem" sound.
2.Camel Audio's Cameleon: Over 1000 presets and regarded as one of the main programmers for Cameleon. One commercial sound set called TC Galaxy. Beta testing new versions as well as new Camel Audio products.
3.Big Tick Audio's Rhino: Beta tester and 4 complete banks
4. FL Studio's Sytrus: Beta tester and over 100 presets for the factory bank.
5. Concrete FX products: Beta testing and preset making with a full bank each for Unison and Micron. 2 full banks for Kubik
6. Dash Signature products: Beta test and factory presets for Harp Time.Commercial sound sets for EVE including the acclaimed Mini-Moog set and Evalon.
7. Wusik Station and Many Station: Two commercial sounds sets as well as the factory sound set for Wusik Station and Many Station. The sound sets for Eve and Wusikstation are in partnership with Back-In-Time Records in which I continue to deal with.
8. Muse Research's Receptor: Beta testing and 2 banks for the factory sounds. Worked with Scott Solida on this project as well. Continous testing for plug-in capability. Other developers contacting me to beta test their products on Receptor for compatability.
9.Antares's Filter: Beta testing and factory presets. One bank for Kantos as well.
10. Maxx Clastor's products: Beta testing and factory presets for eJ and Toxic FM VST's
11.HG Fortune's Wheel of Fortune Pro: Beta testing and factory presets.
12. Ohm Force's Symtohm Mellohman: Beta-testing and over 35 metapatches which is over 300 separate presets for the factory bank.
13.LinPlug Audio's Albino2: one bank in which Rob Papen thought was good enough to put on his site.
14. EVM's Mobius: Beta testing and one full bank for the factory presets.
15. Pro-Sound's PS-1: Beta testing and 1 full 128 preset bank. Powered by Dash Signature.
16. Stienberg's Plex: One bank for an unusual synth.
17. White Noise Audio's Additive: 3 banks which won me the actual synth in a competition.
18. IN's Absynth: Won in a competition, I did one bank and continue to expand on it.Also just completed a full bank for Camel Audio and their Biolabs sound set for Absynth3. I consider this my best Absynth work.
19.EMU MP7/ Proteus 2000: hardware. One bank using Composer ROM with acclaim from P2000 users
20. The Yamaha DX7 ( of course) Created hundreds of patches available in sysex format on my DX7 page: http://tamw.atari-users.net/dx7.htm
21.LinPlug Octopus : over 200 presets for the factory bank.

Free VSTi's: too numerous. Examples include factory presets for all UGO synths, Synth1, Crystal, Triangle II, Polyiblit,Kraklie synths and more. Visit Patch Arena ( http://www.patcharena.net ) and use the search function.

Also I was honored by Krakli who developed a synth with my ideas of a space synth called CYGNUS.

Preferred Synthisis: I can work with all sorts: FM, Additive, subtractive and hybrids. No one method preferred.


RIP Tim.


Tim was an inspiration to me and so I offer this

The Crying Sky

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