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Hi. I would like to see, as the free sample sites list, some kind of index of the companyes that have commercial librarys and samples that are available trough download, and some review of them if you want.
Can you help me?


Downloable Commercial Samples Sites Index
(A-Z sorted)

AcousticsampleS - - "The most realistic acoustic samples..."
AnalogueDrums - - drum samples from tape
AudioThing - - AudioThing is a small lab focused on sound design. From the imperfect emulation of acoustic instruments to extreme sonic experiments; from sample libraries to synth patches
BackInTimeRecords -
Beatluxe - - high quality and original drum loops and beats for Techno, House, Electro House, Tech House, Minimal, Drum & Bass and more
BelaDmedia - - High Fidelity Stuff
Best Service download outlet - - all sorts of commercial products available for download; very useful, esp. if you can get a good rate on the Euro conversion (if you're outside EU)
BitWord - - Refills and kontakt instruments
Bluezone Corporation - - Minimal / Techno / Hip Hop / DNB / Lounge / and many more Royalty Free Loops and Samples
BolderSounds - - variety of things
ChineeKong -
Chocolate Audio -
ChrisHein - - "Ultra realistic virtual instruments for Kontakt", Horns, Guitars and basses.

Cinematique Instruments - - Rare and unique instrument libraries.
CineSamples -
Clickproduce - Song kits, loops and one-shots from big players, all fully downloadable. An emphasis on dance-based content, but other genres also catered for.
Dangerous Bear Underground -
DarkTechnoSamples - soundtosample link
DigitalSoundFactory - - sounds compatible with Steinberg Cubase/Halion, Cakewalk Sonar/Dimension, Propellerheads Reason, Native Instruments Kontakt, Apple Garageband, Apple Logic, Ableton Live, Wuzikstation, Overture, Finale, Creative Audigy/X-Fi, E-MU EmulatorX/Proteus X, FL Studio, VSamp, SFZ, Alchemy, SynthFont, and more
Djembe Soundfont - - Rob Weber comprehensive representation of this versatile percussion instrument.
DrumWerks - - Excellent acoustic drums sample sets at super low prices.
Dusted William sounds - -so far specializing in beats, dirty drum samples.
Dulcitone1884 - - Dulcitone, autoharp, ship's piano, harpsichord and steel drums.
Electronisounds - - Loops, Sounds and samples for Electronic Musicians Worldwide. Heaps of sample CD's, downloadable sample-packs and TONS of free demo samples.
Epic Laundry -
Equinox Sounds - - Developers of loop/phrase libraries in ACID/WAV, Apple Loops and REX2 formats. Royalty free loops for electronic music production. Download free demo sounds.
ESoundz - - It's not just for SampleTank any more
Forgotten Keys - -Quality downloadable sound samples — both free and low cost — of old or hard-to-find electronic musical instruments.
Galaxy Pianos - - High quality pianos for Kontakt.
Galbanum - - Sample and Synth Expansion Line products
Garritan Libraryes - - Downloable version of Steinway piano and Personal Orchestra
Goldbaby -
GroovePacks - - Ableton Live Packs & Sample Packs
HGSounds -
HollowSun - - Pads, EP, textures, Trons, PPG, vintage analogue and more for Akai S5/6000 and Kontakt3
Impact Soundworks -
imperfect samples - - Acoustic pianos, Imperfect Samples specialises in imperfect sample libraries, with performance variations.
K-Sounds - - Sounds for Yamaha Motif and Acoustic Piano for Kontakt
KirkHunterStudio - - Orchestral Instruments and sections for Kontakt and EXS
Kreative Sounds - - pay what you wish for reason refills, rex& acid unique loops and kore patches
Les productions Zvon -
Loopmasters -
Lyrical Distortion - -specializes in Guitar and Bass sample libraries for Kontakt.
Manytone - -Various samples and formats
MuseSamples - - Authentic Guitar: A top classical concert guitar built in 1991 by Paulinho Bernabe (Madrid), VSTi and Kontakt
Ninevoltaudio -
Nucleus-SoundLab -
Orange Tree Samples - bass and guitar sample libraries for Kontakt
Pettinhouse - -Guitars and Drum Kits for kontakt
PLP - - royalty free music loops, beats, and samples for use in any music software
Perimeter Sound - found them at ,or producerloops- loop sample downloads since 2004
PianoWave - - Electromechanically sampled pianos for Kontakt: Steinway, Kawai, Bechstein and Bösendorfer.
PowerFx -
Precision Sound -
PrimeLoops - - - is the largest Pro Audio Download site in the world with 1115 LEGAL Downloads from over 55 Soundware Manufacturers. Download Sample Packs, Sample CDs, Drum Samples, Acid Loops, MIDI Files, Reason Refills, Synth Sounds, Virtual Instruments, Plug-ins, Tutorials and Music Software at
ProjectSam - - Woodwinds, Harp&Organ.
Prokits - - unusual selection of sounds in Kontakt & other formats
PureMagnetik -
QESounds - - Bowed Cymbals and Ambient&Atmospheric FX for kontakt.
reusenoise - - Machines sample pack
SampleBase - - wide variety of multi-sampled instruments and loops.
SampleBasement - - Not really samples but got some nice Reason patches up there.
SampleCraze - SampleCraze - Drums, percussion and more in WAV format
SampleLogic Try Pack -
SampleLogic Waterharp -
SampleMagic - - Fresh, sexy 24-bit samples and loops
SampleModeling - - Trumpet and Saxes samples modelled with kontakt scripting.
SampleOddity - - objects that nobody thought would be useful in a musical context
Sample Squad - - unusual percussion samples
SampleTekk - - Nice pianos and other acoustic instruments
Scarbee -
Simplosive - - high-quality audio loops, samples and sounds. Wav,Aiff,Rex2
SmartLoops -
Solid State Symphony - - Acoustic, electric and metal guitars, keys, zither, mandolin, drums and lots of freebies. Kontakt and S5/6000 format
Sonic at Work - - high quality multisamples in different formats and sampling rates
SonicCouture - - high quality esoterics
Sonic Specialists - - Premium Hip Hop Drum Libraries
Sonivox -
SonoKinetic - - Samples, loops and sound design elements for composers and sound designers >> more info
Sonomic -
Sony - - Loops, SFX and Cinescore themes
SoundBrewer -
SoundMidiTek - - SMT offers new samples, midi and vst patches ready to be used for your electronic tracks.
SoundsOnDemand - - Several companyes sell trough them.
Soundtrack Loops - - Good selection of samples formatted for smart phone apps like Beatmaker, Looptastic, and studio.HD. Also good for Apple, Acid, and Rex too.
SpinnerAudio - - large acoustic kit in HUGE space but tightly miked, 550 loops across 50 tempos
Splurgo Audio - - Samples, Loops & Sound FX
SoundstoSample - - Several companies sell trough them.
StudioCat - - Drums, brushes, cymbals for Kontakt, Halion and Giga. Also Reverb IRs.
SubmersibleMusic - - DrummerPacks for DrumCore. They have also a free&lite version of their product.
The Electronic Garden - -Kontakt and ReFill formats (with more to come). Multisampled patches and loops, too
Tonehammer -
Tronsonic - 'mellotronized' synths and instruments for kontakt and esx24 - library growing all the time...will be more free stuff soon too.
UviSoundSource - www.uvisoundsource - Sounds for UviWorkstation
Vengeance - - Samples & Patches, Just a phat & clean sound.
VideoCopilot - - Designer Sound FX (you will find that the site is specialized in video material, fx, decorations, that also are downloable)
Virtuasonic - - samples, sound effects and IRs
Virtual Reality Sound Corporation - - Multisampled instruments in Kontakt, Giga, SF2, Garageband and Yamaha Motif format
WaveLore - - American zither, pedal steel guitar and hand drums for Kontakt.
WestGateStudios - - Orchestral instruments Kontakt2 and Giga
Wildfunk - - Electro House Samples
Wusik Dot Com - - creators of the Wusik Station VSTi. Providers of downloadable SFZ files. - - Instant Downloads: Royalty Free Music, Sounds, Samples, SFX, Sample Packs in ACID/Wav and Apple loops formats.
ZenHiser -
Zero-G -



Dont know if include them in the "samples list", but they are downloable and in the interest of the ones that use samples, i believe. I dont know how describe them exactly (PM?) Few mb most of them.

Pianoteq - - Acoustic pianos and e-pianos.
Prima Vocaloid - - Virtual instrument that emulates the human voice.
Truepianos - - Acoustic pianos.
Wallander Instruments - - Orchestral Brass and Woodwinds.

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Impact Soundworks -
Tonehammer -
Goldbaby -
Precision Sound -

Those are a few I know offhand.
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I will add this one i see an ad about, i dont own their products, but always read good things about them (Mainly good pianos, isnt? )

Any others link? I want more, more, more... ;)

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There's Orange Tree Samples, who specialize in bass and guitar sample libraries for Kontakt.


Greg Schlaepfer
Orange Tree Samples
Ultra-realistic sample libraries for Kontakt

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There's Lyrical Distortion, who specializes in Guitar and Bass sample libraries for Kontakt.

:lol: :hihi: :wink: 8)

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so far specializing in beats, dirty drum samples.


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Various samples and formats -

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Thanks again! Im looking the sites just now.
If anyone knows about some "NOT RECOMMENDED", mostly because is a threat site, can post too, to avoid it.

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Some good Kontakt libraries to add to the list: - Epic Laundry :) - High Fidelity Stuff Guitars, Solid State Symphony - Waterharp - Try Pack - variety of things - high quality esoterics
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Post Mon Jun 01, 2009 5:39 pm -- Best Service download outlet -- all sorts of commercial products available for download; very useful, esp. if you can get a good rate on the Euro conversion (if you're outside EU) -- where it all started for me! 8) Oh, and (R.I.P.)

On the more traditional sample/loop front:
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P.S., you know you're in trouble when you start reading down the list and you catch yourself saying "I've bought stuff from there... and there.. and there... and there...". :lol: :cry: :help:

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Kontakt and ReFill formats (with more to come). Multisampled patches and loops, too:
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Post Mon Jun 01, 2009 5:54 pm -- It's not just for SampleTank any more.

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