Tablet 2 MIDI // audio stuttering and saving files question //

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I want to say first that this program is great!

I've only tested the demo and am interested in getting the full version but I am wondering about a couple issues.

One is that when I have the app running in either stand-alone or as a vsti, I get a crackle from my audio, like it's not it maybe a processor issue as I'm running on a single core Pentium 1.73 ghz.
OS Windows XP
HUBI's Virtual MIDI Cables to port.
The USB tablet is a 'generic' one made by WALTOP International Corp.
It's ran directly from the computer and it has worked fine for most everything and responds well to the Tablet 2 MIDI interface.

I'm using this in Ableton Live and I don't see much of a CPU spike so I wonder if this is some other issue. I've adjusted my audio hardware settings and there's no difference. It's all good besides getting a static like sound every time an adjustment is made!

(I was having trouble saving to file but then I just tried to double-click the icons and now they work!)

All in all I'm very satisfied with the software and look forward to using it more!


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