115 BPM: Sea of Lies

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Post Sat Jun 23, 2012 4:36 pm

Sea of Lies Ogg Vorbis

ft. Alex Beroza on drums...

Swimming through a sea of lies
Treading water, biding one's time
Searching for the isle of absolution
Scrying out the next clever rhyme

Snorkel through the sea of lies
Can you become an island of truth
Unbroken clasp seals those ties which bind
Let the spirit shine out of you

Diving into dearest heart's desire
Surface beneath blue and green rain
Will the ersatz water quench the fire
Will placebos yet staunch the pain

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Post Sat Jun 23, 2012 4:46 pm

also updated:

Shockwave Live: Princess Singer
Fukushima Debris

Princess Singer: more 'sizzle' on snare/cymbals, 'punchier' kick. slightly modified opening organ sequence and tremelo.

Fukushima Debris: 'better tone' on bass. removed 'bandpass' on vocals.

Diggin': re-took vocal track. changed guitar eq a bit (a tad less bass and a bit more treble).

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Post Sat Jun 23, 2012 7:46 pm

"Sea of Lies" is a really interesting track! The vocals are pretty distinctive, and the intro was neat, although it felt a tad long. The drumming is also pretty good, and helps to match the energy of the lead guitar, although I can't say the same about the bass, unfortunately.

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Post Sat Jun 23, 2012 9:45 pm

gotztago, thanks for the listen/comments!

i've since lowered the bass an octave, and 'pushed the guitar back' 15-20ms.

of course, the bassline is very 'minimal' in any event.

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Post Sun Jun 24, 2012 3:43 am

Great intro. I liked it. A little like the Doors. I listened to this one last night and I think that was a good call to drop the bass down. The drum sound is great. I like the riffs and some of the guitar parts reminded me of early-Crimson Fripp (c. '69-'71). Other parts were more Jimi-esque. Good vocals and a great mix.

Cool track 8)

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Post Sun Jun 24, 2012 5:45 am

seismic1 wrote: Cool track 8)
i dig it

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Post Sun Jun 24, 2012 6:16 pm


i've gone in and shortened the intro, and added a section with some bass riffage.

also, there was something strange about the intro, where the polypohony wasn't quite working. it turns out that the synth i was using only does 3-note polyphony, and there were up to 7 notes; on the intro, often at least 4 simultaneously.

as it was, notes kept 'disappearing'. so i went to 'Snorgan' because of its combination of greater polyphony, and of range.

oftentimes, i would simply go to ComboV for this sort of thing, but its lower register is limited (apparently, just like the real thing). if ComboV had a greater range, i'd probably use it on 'everything'.

anyway, the main part of the previous intro was 2 steps lower than the rest of the song; that part was raised up 2 steps, and the subsequent 'modulate up 2 steps' and noodling' sections were removed.

also, the vocals and guitar were backed off just a wee tad. (edit: the vocals sounded to me like, 'this song is totally about the poem/singing' whereas i'd wanted them to better 'blend in' or 'sit within the mix')

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