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Post Sat Oct 19, 2013 5:35 pm

I've been searching the forums for discussion of the Efimov Armenian Duduk, and am surprised no one has posted anything about it yet. From the demos it sounds incredibly authentic, something I realised all the more when I watched some videos of duduk players performing on the real thing. I'm looking forward to picking this up at some stage. Has anyone here tried it yet? I would like to hear what you think.

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Post Wed Jun 01, 2016 2:11 pm

I use from few month and I'm not so good on keyboard cause my formation is on classical guitar, but to be honest I love this little strange instrument. The first time I have heard it is in the film gladiator, and at the second day I will be able to sound close to the real thing. But I have to say all the production of Ilya Efimov are just stunning. I get is classical guitar and I'm just fall out of my chair. These team are very very good to make digital instrument sound close to the real one .I have a lot of sound bank VSL,EWQL, and many more but M.Ilya Efimov is a step forward all other.

Laurier Bernier from Canada
PS when I both a sound library I,m searching for the most closer to the real classical original sound.

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Post Wed Oct 02, 2019 1:15 pm

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Hello everyone,
I live Armenia

keep surprising me how many people around the world already know about this magnificent instrument

I am very big duduk enthusiast and player.

Spend many years researching Duduk culture origins and duduk making secrets.

Met and took duduk lessons from different duduk master , pro duduk players and a lot of duduk teachers in Armenia.
Was born in Armenia. At age 21 moved to US , Southfield MI ,to study in the college, and then moved to Vancouver WA ,lived there few years
and returned to Armenia.
I am a tour guide, Interpreter and duduk player. I did a lot of blogs and interviews with some famous duduk players , My favorite is duduk in key A
I constantly come across forums and reviews from people who purchased duduk and reed, and end up with
getting low quality duduk and worthless reeds.
I feel sorry for people who went through what I did, spending over $700-$800 dollars on various instruments, end up to be low quality duduks and reeds.I have 5 different duduks I purchased from various Masters, and I do not use them.

Many years I did meet, talk, review, ask for advice form many duduk players and duduk teachers, eventually established relationship with most profound duduk making masters,
I purchased many different instruments , duduk from many masters but came to conclusion that there is only few that make a real, authentic, high quality instrument.

As for reeds for duduk, master who make duduk do not make reeds,and vice versa.
Reed plays very important role,

Duduk reed is another subject ,
I found the reed maker who supply reed to Jivan Gasparyan And G.Dabaghyan
Top quality reeds
and couple other very good reed makers. Now duduk maker do not make reeds and vice versa .

There is number one duduk maker in Amenia at the present and I think He is the best in the world
Master from who 95% + professional duduk players buy a duduk from.
There is couple other good Masters but nothing beets Master Mukalyan. K.S.
Will advice where to look what to buy and not end up with low quality reeds and Dduduk and My email is ( .

Duduk buying market is flooded with counterfeits, even instrument made out of Apricot and labeled professional duduk means nothing,
there are so many stages instrument must go , starting with quality Apricot branch selection which needs to be aged for many years and other manufacturing steps which needs to be properly taken....

Feel free to contact me any time.

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Post Sat Oct 12, 2019 9:21 am

I was very surprised by the quality, it's a bomb👌

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