Tablet2MIDI Problems (Am I Dumb?)

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So I've been reading through the manual and googling the shit out of everything and here's where I'm at:

Ableton is receiving some kind of MIDI signal from T2M but it can't be assigned to anything to change any parameters. I've managed to get a program called Wmidi working sending notes to Ableton, but only notes, if I try control change signals on that it doesn't seem to work either. Can't get notes or anything to work with T2M, even though the little yellow square lights up in Ableton when I press on my tablet (wacom bamboo). And yeah "remote" is turned on in the Ableton MIDI settings.

But I've got to be honest, I really don't understand all the different shit you're supposed to configure so maybe I'm doing it wrong. I'm talking about all the CC 1 2 3 etc I don't know I can't get my head around it

Anyone got a template/config file that's confirmed to work with ableton to do control changes, or can someone kinda spell it out for a retard for me?

Cheers if anyone gets back to me

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