Sound Magic Updates Imperial Grand to Version 3.01, Hybrid Modeled Bösendorfer Imperial

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Imperial Grand
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Huge Sound - Small Footprint: Imperial Grand starts with the famous dark, rich Bösendorfer style sound, and establishes an incredible level of realism by using patented Neo Piano Hybrid Modeling Engine. Bösendorfer is known for producing pianos with a uniquely rich, singing, and sustaining tone. On the Imperial Grand, this characteristic tonal quality in part derives from the inclusion of 9 additional bass notes below bottom. Imperial Grand successfully reproduce the sound of a Bösendorfer 290SE and it gives you the full power to control the sound in a much deeper degree. This product is the successor of Imperial Grand, which was nominated for 29th TEC Awards in Music Instrument Technology Software Category. It is also the First Modeled Piano ever nominated for TEC Awards.

Neo Piano features a custom built Hybrid DFD/RAM system. It is a very flexible system which can be optimised for different playing applications. If you are using an old system with low RAM,DFD will work well. If you are using a top performance 64bit system with plenty of RAM, you can choose to play Neo Piano totally from RAM. A balance of DFD and RAM samples can be utilised to optimise general performance. In All cases Sound Quality remains at the highest level.

A major breakthrough in Neo Piano Engine is the resonance engine. Every Grand Piano has a very large soundboard which reflects sound which resonates together with the piano’s wood body. This is a continuous process and makes every note sound unique. In order to simulate this behaviour, Sound Magic first captures multi angle IRs from the soundboard, then applies ground-breaking technology to convert those IRs into Resonance Engine Algorithms. The result is an amazing concert hall sound reproduction full of life.

Style Designer is a special function which allows you to quickly and easily set the piano’s musical style, such as pop, jazz, rock, classical or soft. When you move the style level dial, it will change several internal parametric.

Lower the pedal noise volume by 12dB
Fixes an issue may cause the plug-in fail to active
Removes uncommon character inside active code to avoid possible issue in different language setting.

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