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I would like to have more modulation possibilities. One is a changeable delay-rate, another is a control (volume), what is fed into the delay and maybe what is kept(abrupt end).A little more difficulty, is the an effect in the delayfeedback. Or pitchstability.
A volumecontrol (gate), what is fed into the reverb, is also possible, or an interaction with the delay(to control the distance of each delay). Or what is kept in the reverb.
I make up my mind what is possible with the other effects or everything else.
Please write your suggestions, too.

Maybe the delay can work together with an envelope-follower. When there is no audio it change the rate, without pitchglides. It change it after your automation, though, only the times nobody hear it. Or it change the wet dry mix and the pre delay of the reverb in the delay. Ask if you don't understand.


Sorry, 2 more ideas. There should be an intensity -control on three different EQs. Its good for pads, some kind of shimmering. "1","2","3"buttons have space on the right of the EQ-controls. When the intensity is automated, the relatedEQ is activated, otherwise only the one, which is just visible.

The other idea is one "ln" and one "out" of the delay in the effect- routing. Between are the effects in the feedback.


Modulation source: number of delay, means when its applied , the feedback isn't used, but the sound is repeated by unison voices, so it can be controlled and changed per voice about some degree.

Modulation destination : Reverb distance= wet/dry and predelay, both in this destination. Predelay only at the beginning of a note (free swinging lfo or delaynumber as source)
Phaser wet/dry...

"Number of delay"makes the "In" and the "Out" modul mentioned above, worthless.


Automationsource: Note (c,c sharp, d, d sharp, e, f, f sharp and so on), dest=> every destination gets a constant (equal to your defined amount) but only to that note,

Also usable as scale. Then the whole line is mapped (refers)to this note- the scale amount isn't needed, because the line's automations have amounts.

Advantage(different notes can sound very differently , as a source you can also vary with keyboard as the scale)
Disadvantage (very detailed , elaborate work, maybe 12 lines or more)


Summary, so far:
Destination:delayrate, delay-feed-in(volume), reverb-feed-in, reverb-out-volume, EQs 1, 2,3 intensity(!), reverb distance, phaser wet/dry, others wet/dry
Source:number delay, note(C),note(others)
Scale: the same as sources above

Remember the huge matrix :ud:

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