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Hey all guys there at KVR Audio!

I just wanted to inform about Psycle - an oopen source sequencer for Windows. There is also a QT-version wich uses QT4, and which runs on Windows, MAC, and Linux. The development of Psycle has been very slow for several years because of lack of developers.

:idea: To Avoid the continuing off the slow development I just wanted to ask you if there are some guys who could have knowledge about VisualStudio It would be very nice if Psycle's development would speed up a little. Also, if there are more developers, the bugfix operation etc. will go faster.
Sorry, but I can't program just now because I have no knowledge about VisualStudio.
More information is at...
Psycle's home page: http://psycle.pastnotecut.org/portal.php
Psycle's Google+ page: https://plus.google.com/103492491563788867312/posts
Psycle's source forge page: http://sourceforge.net/projects/psycle/?source=navbar
QTPsycle page: http://psycle.wikia.com/wiki/Qpsycle

Kind regards,
Juho, a young blind musician.


Hello KVR members (and especially developers with knowledge of C++),
The current situation of Psycle modular music studio is quite halted. It hasn't been updated officially since 2017 and its homepage at http://psycle.pastnotecut.org is going to be archived this year since the forum there is both unsafe and old, and would require an entire upgrade to meet the current security standards. For me, it is a sad thing since the web site has been online over 21 years (initially put there in may 2000 by now past-away musician and music software programmer Arguru (Juan Antonio Arguelles Rius)). However, both the Psycle SourceForge site and the Facebook group psycle tracker and psycledelics (direct link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/121474730283) are still operational, so a new lead developer would be required in order to kontinue the finishing of the 1.12 beta 2 release in to the stable version and beyond that. In order to be able to do this, one should have deep knowledge and understanding of the C++ programming langage. Even though I would like to boost the development myself, I don't currently have the needed skills to contribute to the project. The other challenge (yes, a challenge, not an obstacle) is that I cannot test the visual functions but can, however, give feedback on the beta features of Psycle regarding the accessibility since I am completely blind and use a screen reader with either speech and/or Braille (using a Braille display in the latter case). A good example to start implementing the accessibility features would be the looking at the source code of Open Mod Plug Tracker (OpenMPT), another tracker under active development (website: https://openmpt.org/). I have used the Machine View feature of Psycle, which has allowed me to use it for live playback of instruments and effects. Because the commercial options (like the Ableton Live) are not accessible (e.g. they cannot be used with a screen reader) it has been the only somehow accessible option for this type of jamming.

Kind regards,
Juho, a youg blind music man fron Finland

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