A few Custom Rhythms

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musicdevelopments wrote: Tue Mar 05, 2019 10:40 am Amazing, yellukhan!
I realized I should have sent you an update with the fix for the idea tool bug that you found, because you are actively using the new feature in the last beta. I will build the latest update for you in a few minutes...

Thank you Attila!
but please let me say, nothing urgent :party:

@ community
did i get the Call & Response logic right ?
also any suggestion about the formulas very welcome :D

here is an example GM project .. uses same formulas (as in the video),
you can fill with your Progressions and start to experiment with it.
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I think you got it right yellukahn.. I use that a LOT in blues, just works so well.. There is video on you tube that I watched a long time ago that explains it in regards to orchestration, or in classical terms.. I'll have to look for it and send you a link. I can't explain it myself, but, I understand it.

This is an example of how I use it in blues.. the call is mostly the lead guitar and the response is mostly from the rhythm guitar. You hear the best in the second solo section. (i play every thing on this track except the drums.. and the keys are actually my guitar with a keyboard pedal)



Thank you BluGenes!
i wold like to see that video .. what i try to get is more meaningful formulas to use in IT actually :D
i love what you create! :tu:
also probably i wouldn't figured it out by myself of combining (question/answer - call/response)
between lead and rhythm guitar .. i mean between different motive types.. :idea:
Thank you!

a new exam & experiment with orchestral sound
using BACH phrases :

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxj7wz7 ... e=youtu.be


uses only MG and BASS generators (even no Rhythm Presets)
except the last track .. its custom piano left hand/arpeggio phrases



yep .. Idea Tool ! .. again .. :tu: :clap: Attila!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6CZCiOB ... e=youtu.be


Bravo, yellukhan! Bravo! :clap:


Thank you forrestlong!


Thanks, yellukhan! :hail: :)
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as always , me Thank you Attila! :tu:


Hi dear yellukhan or Attila!

could you please provide a short tutorial (step one, step two etc.) for how to create custom rhytm patterns in RC and save them in CustomRhytms Folder.
I simply miss a kind of Editor Window where I could make this. Or there is an another way to do it?

Sure I can edit and save a rhythm in a Phrase Editor window, but it is not so handy. I would draw it with pencil in a kind of midi piano roll.

Thank you!


Rapid Composer
Custom Rhythm prepare & import

you can create Rhythms for RC in multiple ways
((but remember: first you have to import them as a regular phrase in to RC))

-use your DAW & Record / Draw your rhythm patterns there and export as midi file to import to RC
-use your DAW & collect rhythm patterns from existing midi files and export as midi then import to RC

---you can use two ways when importing that patterns in to RC---
say we have 4 bars long a few rhythm patterns to import to RC

1- in your DAW put all midi patterns in a single track in order and export as midi file
adjust RC Midi import settings for RC automatically splits that patterns for you,

2- if DAW capable to do this ..
export every rhythm pattern as a single midi file
copy that midi files in to your "Custom Phrases" folder
(they must be in the Root of this folder .. do not put them in any folder)

this is "Batch Import"
in the RC go to "Settings / Locations"
see there "Convert MIDI Files To Phrases"
give a "Group:" name
tick or do not tick the "Convert To Relative Notes" because its not important in this -Rhythm import- case

press to "Convert MIDI Files To Phrases" button and let the RC finish the task..


----this part / procedure is same for both 1&2 import methods---

open Phrase Browser and Rhythm Browser side by side
locate the rhythm phrases you just saved
drag and drop them to the Rhythm Browser one by one fill the Name and Group pop up window ..


as a plus
also you can drag&drop your existing phrases
(polyphonic or monophonic .. but i would use monophonic phrases for this)
from Phrase Browser to the Rhythm Browser to save rhythms from them.

here is the step one step two vid. :)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PF9YMaj ... e=youtu.be


thank you very much yellukhan! I'm using Logic Pro X. I will try to apply those methods!


glad you like it!
actually to me best way is putting all rhythm patterns to one track in order in your DAW then export..
and using the settings that i tried to show in the video in the RC MIDI Import tab.
Batch import sometimes shrinks the lengths if there is empty space after the last note in the phrase..
for example 16 beats sometimes get imported 15 beat and you have to manually fix that before convert them to Rhythms.


You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.


I am new to kvr. i dont know all the rules yet. I just want to thank all those who posted all the the hard work that was done to help newbees like me.Rc is wonderful tool and I am having tons of fun.
Thanks again

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