AutoTheory vs AutoTonic vs Cales/Chordz (a quick comparison/contrast)

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Post Fri Dec 16, 2016 9:51 am

[Originally posted in Mozaic Beats forum]

AutoTonic is able to re-map to non-heptatonic scales, and it also allows for the creation of user scales. :hyper:

AutoTheory is more reasonably priced than AutoTonic. ($49 vs. $179) :tu:

Cales/Chordz are free 32-bit/64-bit VST plug-ins. :party:

AutoTheory's scale and chord tools are synergistically integrated into one plug-in-agnostic MIDI driver application. AutoTonic is a plug-in-agnostic MIDI application. Cales/Chordz are two powerful, independent VST plug-ins. :shrug: Different strokes for different folks.

Recommendation: Despite the overlapping functionality of these three tools, each one brings something different to the table. Unless someone figures out how to merge all of this goodness into a single MIDI tool, you will just have to own them all and use the one that best suits your current need at the time.
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Post Sat Dec 17, 2016 9:21 am

The only actual "plugins" in this case, are Cales/Chordz by CodeFN42 (which I do consider spiritual successors to old Nuffink tools). All other tools need MIDI Loopback Drivers as the remapping tools are standalone.

I really hope CodeFN42 updates the plugins, because there are some features in AutoTheory that I'd love to see in Chordz - and that is an already setup Triad, added 5th/7h/9th feature for all other scales bundled with this tool (boni would be spread chords over 1,5 and 2 octaves) - unless somebody already created presets, then please forward me to them.

Not only that, a visual representation of the bonus "Solo Keys". And IMO just as necessary: showing the roman numeric values on the chord keys (which also indicate if they're upper/lower case if things are Major or Minor).

I'd even pay for that. But the developer barely(!) responds to mails.
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