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Post Sun Jun 04, 2017 7:31 pm

I am currently evaluating VirtualCZ in the trial version. I like very much what I am finding/hearing. I've wished for a virtual version of my CZs for years.

My question may be a beginner question, but I have googled it to death without resolution. I can't figure out how to programmatically change patches in VirtualCZ. I actually have two use cases. One is to convert a midi sequence that now drives a CZ-101 and a CZ-1000 to use VirtualCZ instead. I currently am using REAPER for this, and the sequence has program change messages embedded. I can't get at least the demo version of VirtualCZ to recognize any program change messages in the sequence. (It plays the notes correctly.)

My other use case is to perform live the VirtualCZ from a midi controller. Many of the patch changes are too quick to reach over to a computer and fuss with the U.I. I was hoping I'd be able to send patch change messages from the midi controller, but I have not been able to get VCZ to respond to any that I have tried.

I apologize if there is something fundamental I'm missing, but any help would be appreciated.

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