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Post Thu Sep 14, 2017 10:15 pm

My Name is Ichiro and I represent PREMIER Engineering Inc.

On the 31st of July 2017, PREMIER Engineering Inc. servers were subject to a large scale cyber attack, resulting in loss of security and crashes to the PREMIER Engineering Inc. website, PREMIER SOUND FACTORY, Drum Tree, and indeed all websites associated with and managed by the PREMIER brand.

As efforts to restore service are ongoing, we recognize the inconvenience and trouble this has created for our users and we sincerely apologize for this.

From current knowledge based on system diagnosis, it would appear that none of our customer’s personal information has been leaked as a result of this cyber attack, so please rest assured that your private details have not been compromised.

As it appears the PREMIER SOUND FACTORY website in particular will need a complete overhaul and rebuilding from the ground up, we have taken this opportunity to make some changes and renew the sales system.

In order to ensure that our customers personal information does remain safe from any further and possibly worse cyber attacks that may target our servers, a decision has been made to entrust the management and protection of personal data to a dedicated security firm whose specialties include cart system sales.

To be precise, it is a secure shopping cart database system which we have already started using with Drum Tree, called My Commerce, managed by German company Digital River GmbH.

Just like the service we have provided up until now, MyCommerce facilitates the use of paypal and credit cards for payment transactions, then smoothly brings you to the download page.

It is with great regret however, we inform you that the user ID and passwords you have created and used up until now will no longer function on the website. Seeing as any previously purchased sound library products that may have been linked to your account will also become inaccessible, we request and hope that our customers back up any of their PREMIER sound libraries on a hard drive or similar media storage device.

For any customers who had not finished downloading their purchased items when the server crash occurred, please contact our staff directly for assistance.

Again we wish to apologise sincerely for the trouble this has caused our customers. This cyber attack has also caused serious negative impacts on our company, in regard to server access, however we are looking on it as a chance to create PREMIER SOUND FACTORY G series. A simplified and renewed website with improvement on our past products with GUI too, leading to an overall version upgrade of our brand which we plan to make open to the public soon.

From henceforth, support and compatibility will be limited to Native Instrument’s: Kontakt (full version) and the free to use Kontakt Player. Support will no longer be available for Logic’s built in sampler: exs24mkll, as well Pro Tool’s Structure and Steinberg’s Halion. Furthermore, for each DAW, the installation of the free to use Kontakt Player will enable the use of some PREMIER’s sound libraries.

On a separate note, preparations for the highly anticipated Koto sound library are reaching an advanced stage and it is our hope to release it to the public in autumn of this year.

Despite the recent trouble and inconveniences we have caused, we wish to express our sincere gratitude for the constant support and appreciation of our PREMIER Sound libraries.

Sincerely, Ichiro

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