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Post Tue Mar 06, 2018 7:00 am

**NOTE** - Am reviewing the music of others by request only unless you are a friend of mine. If you want your music reviewed, please comment on one of my tracks and leave a link to the song you want reviewed.

These Songs Have So Far Been Posted Throughout This Thread
(Don't Wanna Be) Another Autotune
9 On A Cloud
A Drop In The Bucket Of Time
A Little At A Time
A New Solution
A Partner For Her
A Piece Of The Action
A Pirate's Life
A Rock And A Hard Place
A Whole New Start
After My Sins Are Gone
Ain't That Lonely Yet
Alias Smith And Wesson
All About Eve
All For Christmas
All Over But The Shouting
All The Same
Alpha Centuri
Amp It Up
An Honest Face
And The Angels Sang
And So It Goes
Another Night Of Na Na Na
Another Notch On My Gun
Another Port In The Storm
Are We Not Tikno
As The Years Go By
At The End Of The Day
Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba
Back To The Drawing Board
Bad Fornication
Bananas Crackers And Nuts
Band Camp At Bingo Bob's
Battered By Gray Nights
Bearcat Betty
Berlin Is Burning
Biddy Biddy Boom Boom
Blame It On The DJ
Bleeding On The Dance Floor
Bless Us All Everyone
Blood On The Rocks
Boogie On Down
Boss Over Me
Botany Bay
Boys Night Out
Breakdown On The Highway
Bring On The Klingon
Brunton's Last Wish
Bump My Bump
By Any Other Name
By The Window
Can You Chill To This
Can't A Gal Get A Break
Can't Get It Out Of My Head
Can't Please The World
Can't Rock In Alcatraz
Carbon Dating
Caught In The Crossfire
Chain Of Lies
Chicago Overcoat
Chill In The Air
City Juice
Climbing Statues
Coloring Book
Coming Up Empty
Corkscrew Angel
Could I See You Tonight
Crazy Sally Rides Quick Horses
Crimes Of The Heart
Crispy Critter
Cut Me To The Quick
Dancing With Davy Jones
Dangerous Curves
Dangerous Type
Dare To Be Square
Dark Hearted Devil
Dark Room
Daydream Believer
Death Of Charlemagne
Destiny Rides Again
Dirty Little Mind
Dirty Mouth
Dirty Streets
Disco Everywhere
Doctor Doctor
Doctor's Advice
Don't Act So Cool
Don't Go Near The Water
Don't Look Now (You're Going To Hell)
Drag Racing
Dragons And Dreams
Dran Draggore The Red Dragon
Drifting Aimlessly
Drops In The Ocean
Duck Soup
Dwagen Swagen
Ear Wurm Turn
East Of Eden
Eat Bugs
Electro Retro
Empty Promises
Empty Spaces
End Is Nigh
Everything Is Better
Evil Twin
Eye Of The Beholder
Failed Experiment
Falling On Deaf Ears
False Faces
Finale Jerry And Company
Fire In The Light
Flash Drive
Foolish Love
For My Tears Alone
Frodo And The Lost Frog
Frozen Stiff
Frying Pan Into The Fire
Funk Off
Funky Disco Me
Gas Man
Gates Of Eternity
Gates Of Eternity 2
Gateway To The Galaxy
Genghis Kahn
Get In The Groove
Ghosts In The Attic
Girl Under Umbrella
Give In To The Dark Side
Give It To Me Straight
Give Me The Night
Glitch 1
Glitch 2
Glitch 3
Glitch 4
Glitch 5
Glitch 6
Glitch 7
Glitch 8
Glitch 9
Glitch 10
Global Warming
Go Away
God Come Save Me Now
Gone Are The Days
Goodbye So Long And FArewell
Green Tomatoes
Half Life Science
Hammers And Nails
Hang Me At Noon
He Doesn't Even Know I'm Alive
Healing Hands
Heart Attack
Heebie Jeebies
Hero In Your Dreams
Hero Of The Stupid
Hide And Seek
High On The Hog
Hold On
Hold Onto Your Head
Hold You Like There's No Tomorrow
Hop Skip And Jump
How The Mighty Have Fallen
I Don't Know What To Tell You
I Don't Mind At All
I Got Nuthin For You
I Have No Idea
I Need To Try Again
I Only Smile When It Hurts
I Stand On Solid Ground
I'm Gonna Rock Tonight
I'm Not A Nerd
I'm Not Elton John
If I could Go Back (And Do It All Over Again)
If That's Love Calling (Take A Message)
If We Had Forever
In The Arms Of My Lord
In The Blink Of An eye
In The End
In The Lab
Inside The Castle
Is This Sexy Enough For You
It Ain't Over Yet
It All Comes Down To This
It Don't Ring A Bell
It Had To Be Done
It Was You All Along
It's A Brand New Day
It's All Or Nothing
It's A Love Thing
It's In The Science
It's Up To We
J-Lo No-Mo
Jay's Christmas
Jesus On The Cross
Just Do It
Just Like Every Monday (Press Release)
Just Like Gloria Gaynor
Just Like Jimmy Neutron
Just The Three Of Us
Keep Singing Marie
Kick In The Head
Kidding Me
Kiss Of Death
Lacy Macy
Law Of The Land
Let Me Go
Let Us Entertain You
Let's Make It
Let's Run Away
Life (What Do You Want)
Life Of The Party
Little Bird
Livin' In The Big House
Living In A Sandbox
Lonely Loretta
Looks Like Today
Lords Of The Bones
Lost Horizon
Lost In The Ages Of Time
Love And Loneliness
Love Will Come Calling
Loving Those Blues Away
Lunar Lunacy
Mad March
Mad Scientist
Magnetic Personality
Mama Don't Raise No Fool
Mashed Potatoes
Meditation Madness
Memo To Trent
Mercury Rising
Mike And Cindy
Modern Talking
Moist And Chewy
Molecules Of Space
Molecules Of Time
Molly Malone Of Monte Carlo
Monsters In My Meat Loaf
More Than One Way To Skin A Cat
More Than This
Mr Businessman
Murder At Midnight
Musgrave Manor
My Bad Baby
My Creation
My Dame My Doll My Everything
My Forever Valentine
My Girlfriend's Rack
My Imaginary Enemy
My Pickup Left Me At The Alter
My Rifle And Me
Mystic Spaces
Never Never Seen Me
New Hoe In Town
No Going Back
No Luck No Love No Thanks
No Signal
Nobody Knows My Blues
Not My Jazz
Not That It Matters
Not The First War
(Nothing But) Seasons
Now We Shall Dance
Nuclear Fallout
Off To The Races
Oh My Ophelia
Old Song
On Tenth Avenue
On The Edge Of A Bad Life
On The Run
On To New York
Once In My Lifetime
Once Upon A Time
One AM
One Last Kiss (Before I Go)
Ordinary World
Out Like A Light
Out With The Old
Over The Rainbow
Overture From Jerry And Company
Peace Of Mind
Piano Concerto #1 In F Major
Pieces Of A Life
Pig On The Dash
Play With Me
Plug Me In
Pluto's Revenge
Pork Roll (I Don't Want No Taylor Ham)
Post Traumatic Stress
Pranksters And Jokers
Precious And Few
Queen For A Day
Queen Queenie
Quiet Night
Quiet Times On Mount Prophet
Quit The Whining (V P)
Racing For Beverly
Reach For The Sky
Reaching For The Stars
Remus And Romulus
Resisting The Temptation
Revolving Door
Return To Darkmoor
Riding Off Into The Sunset
Rip Out My Heart
Ripped From The Headlines
Rock Solid
Rockin To The East Side
Rubber Water
Run Amok
Say It Again
Separate Ways
Set Me Straight
Sexy Lexi
Shadow In The Night
Silicon Teen
Sins And Sanctuary
Sins Of The Father
Slow Train
Snap Your Cap
Snow On The Roof
So Very Long Ago
Sock Puppet
Someone Like Me
Something Meaningful
Something's Rotten In Denmark
Somewhere Down The Road
Soul Catcher
S P Uh Nahzh
Spastic Over Plastic
Spot In The Shade
Stained Glass Window
Star Wanderer
Stay Away
Still Out Of Sync
Stones In The Graveyard
Stop The Music
Strictly Confidential
Style Blind
Sudden Intruder
Sugar Pop
Summer Love
Sun Shower
Super Mom
Sweet Patootie
Take Me To The Stars
Talisman Shuffle
Temperature's Rising
Temple Of Lost Souls
Ten Years Later
Thank You For All That You've Done
That Does Not Compute
The Best Thing
The Box
The Buck Stops Here
The Cat's Out Of The Bag
The Cat's Pajamas
The Clock On The Wall
The Clocks Of Cancer
The Cool Cat In The Wind
The Cornfield
The Cowardly Lion
The Creation Of Man
The Dogs Of Funk
The Door Swings Both Ways
The Drain
The End Times
The Eyes Of A Stranger
The Fall Of Spring
The Gates Of Darkmoor
The Girl On 10th Avenue
The Girl With The Curl
The History Of God
The Joke Is On You
The Joy Of Christmas
The Last Pop Song
The Light At The End Of The Tunnel
The Man I Love
The Medusa
The Midas Touch
The Music Box
The Needle
The Pawn Shop
The Old Gal From The Sea
The Ottoman Empire
The Reflecting Pool
The River Runs Dry
The Scarecrow
The Take Out
The Three Towers
The Tin Man
The Trial Of Joan Of Arc
The Union Of Souls
The Walls Came Down
The Wicked Witch
The World's Smallest Violin
The Wyzyrd Of Trance
Theme From Friends
There's A Star Up There For You
There's No Place Like Home
This Folder Is Empty
Thorn In The Side Of The Lord
Three Minutes To The End
Ticks Are The Perfect Killing Machine
Til Tuesday Comes
Time Is Time
Time Traveler
Timely Exit
Tin And Bag
To Dust In The End
Tommy's Lament
Too Good To Be True
Too Much Information
Too Much Time On My Hands
Torn Between Two Worlds
Tower Of London
Under The Dome
Universe Home
Unsettling Waves
Until Ursala Loves Me
V Pop
Video Killed The Radio Star
Vinyl Record Girl
Visions Of Demons
Walkin' Through A Hurricane
Walking On Thin Ice
Wanting To Be Free Again
War Of The Roses
We Are Not Alone
Weather Report
Westminster Abbey
What Are We Fighting For
What The Heart Doesn't Know
What's Buzzin' Cousin
Whatever It Takes
When In Rome
When The Last Bell Tolls
When The World Ends
When Will It Be My Turn
When You're Young And In Love
Where Do We Go From Here
Where Has My Prince Gone
Where The Angels Go
Where's The Bass
Who Watches The Watchers
Why Kawai
Wild Horses
Wild Wild Life
Wild World
Worf 3 2 4
Would You Hip Hop With Me
Wrecking Ball
Writing On The Wall
Xenophobic Zeppelin
Yellow Brick Road
Yellow Sun
Yesterday's Man
You Can't Con A Con
You Can't Dance (And It's Too Wet To Plow)
You Don't Love Me At All
You Gotta Be Unique
You Make The World Go Boom
You Never Close Your Eyes
Your Body
Zany Zoey
From my CD "Divas"

The Clock On The Wall

Two A M right now
As I'm staring into space
Can't escape my dreams
Better nightmares in their place
But all the dreams I have
Just don't matter much at all
When all I have is the clock on the wall

No one seems to care
For the dreamers in this world
Life it just goes on
There's no place for wishful girls
And all the dreams I have
Just don't matter much at all
When all I have is the clock on the wall

If only my dreams could meet reality
Oh what a wonderful place this world would be

But I'll sleep tonight
And wake up tomorrow morn
In between the dreams
Welcome death after they're born
Cause all the dreams I have
Just don't matter much at all
Even less than the clock on the wall

Repeat Bridge

Repeat Last Verse ... lead-vocal
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8448 posts since 4 Jul, 2012 from Alesia

Post Tue Mar 06, 2018 2:48 pm

This track isn't bad, It makes me think of a Robot singing in some sort of futuristic world which is kind of cool.

Kind of reminds me of the music from Portal.

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Post Tue Mar 06, 2018 3:28 pm

Nice Elton John sorta ballad vibe thing. I know you're sick of hearing this, but honestly, with the time it takes to get a vocaloid track down, you could easily tune and process an out of tune vocal. it would improve this style of music a thousand times. Do you have ReaTune or Waves Tune or some sort of tuning plugin with a manual option?

And of course there's the John Lennon option - don't like the sound of your voice? Double track it.

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Post Tue Mar 06, 2018 3:44 pm

I really go for the stupid tom tom fill which starts the drum track off. I love that shit.

No, really, this was perversity on purpose, was it not? I have no judgement on the song itself, I mean it is exactly what it's supposed to be, what?
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Post Tue Mar 06, 2018 5:08 pm

Wags, take this as a compliment: Your music is in the artery (for the good) of Broadway. Maybe that’s been said before, but I think you missed your calling as a Tim Rice/Andrew Lloyd Webberesque type composer - but you do both words and music - which is a cool. Again, please take this as a compliment, but your music usually sounds “familiar” yet a bit unique, which is what I think of when I think of musicals. In other words, from my humble vantage point - :tu:

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20633 posts since 20 Oct, 2007 from not here

Post Tue Mar 06, 2018 5:15 pm

These are your lyrics? They're good. I for one won't have expected you to write from the POV of a young girl, but hey that's versatility isn't it.

But anyway, good clickbait in the original post.

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1951 posts since 8 Dec, 2008 from Global Cowboy

Post Tue Mar 06, 2018 5:23 pm

I like this has potential...

A couple of things that may strengthen the architecture of the song...

I feel that there is a smoother way for getting to the hook of the song instead of crashing into the A chord...that one is a bit jarring...

Try this for "matter much at all"....

Db/F / Gbm6....hold the Gbm6 for 2 beats and that ascension sets up a Db/Ab which is a better choice there than a regular Db...

I quite like the bridge...there are different harmonic choices you could use there,but what you have gone with is OK...

Regarding the sibilence of Ronine the Robot...

Sibilence is better than flatulence in a studio... We can use multiple de-essers on sibilence and that is easier than trying to remove the pong of an over cooked fart in a vocal booth :wink:

Finally...with regards to the playing and the production of the song...

The song needs a string arrangement to lift it up...a string arrangement that is scored properly...not one of the BS string parts where people hit a string patch and play a few chords...a properly orchestrated William Ross..

The piano playing is too pedestrian...that part needs to open up and relax... not just state the obvious chords of the song...listen to David Foster...he's the king of making it sound so easy...

And....put your compressors away for a while,or back off the thresholds and the ratios...everything is too squashed....the piano for example...if you squash everything in a mix,it will never be dynamic and it will feel lifeless...

Just my two cents worth anyway...

But I think that the song has potential :tu:
Sorry - I don't use auto-tune....

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Post Tue Mar 06, 2018 6:02 pm

wagtunes wrote:**WARNING** - Avoid this thread if you have no tolerance for bad music and vocals that sound like cats crying in the night. Otherwise, you have no one to blame for your suffering but you
The lack of a full stop at the end of this sentence disgusts me.

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Post Tue Mar 06, 2018 6:37 pm

Where are the drums? Vocaloid really I'm vearing into space cant escape my reams wtf.Wheres the bottom end.This wouldn't even make Walmart elevator music
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Post Tue Mar 06, 2018 6:54 pm

Aloysius wrote:
wagtunes wrote:**WARNING** - Avoid this thread if you have no tolerance for bad music and vocals that sound like cats crying in the night. Otherwise, you have no one to blame for your suffering but you
The lack of a full stop at the end of this sentence disgusts me.

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Post Tue Mar 06, 2018 6:57 pm


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Post Tue Mar 06, 2018 7:57 pm

Man... why are people so brutal to you when it comes to feedback, they're really out to get you... what did you do? :lol: The closest thing I've ever had to negative feedback was when I guy accused me of ripping off my music/backing track (it was a cover), so he obviously thought it was really good... but it was actually made by me, so it was actually kind of a compliment. :tu: :D

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Post Tue Mar 06, 2018 8:05 pm

the song itself is ok for a simple piano ballad, the overall tone comes over with too much midrange to my ears.

On using those vocaloid things.... go full on robotic vocoder or find a real
singer anything else will just be ridiculed. my 2.

oh and, ibtl :scared:

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Post Tue Mar 06, 2018 8:40 pm

If I imagine the track with a real young woman singing it, it's pretty damned good! As it stands I think the problem with Vocaloid etc. is the Uncanny Valley effect, it just ends up making the track creepy sounding, but without it being intentional.

In general though, I kind of love that about you Wagtunes, your kind of cringey forum name, the awkward line drawing of you that looks computer generated or drawn by an autistic christian, the Vocaloid creepy voices on your songs, the complete inability to not get into arguments about nothing with people on this forum who obviously have far too harsh of an opinion about you're sometimes overtly emotional posts about some soft synth or another. It all adds up to more character than most people exhibit on these forums, so you do you! :tu:

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Post Tue Mar 06, 2018 8:40 pm

an-electric-heart wrote:Man... why are people so brutal to you when it comes to feedback, they're really out to get you... what did you do? :lol:
I thought that we were being positive,taking the time to make honest criticisms to make the track much of the time here on KVR, people serve up music that is total crap,but there they are lapping up all of the dumb platitudes...if we want our music to evolve and get better,we need to listen to the criticism and act on it...Honesty is a good policy...

Of course,we could just say dishonestly beautiful things about crap music and just leave them to the sharks that lurk in the industry waters...

They have much sharper teeth than us and their wounds can often be fatal :wink:

“The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There's also a negative side.”

― Hunter S. Thompson
Sorry - I don't use auto-tune....

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