Best 3rd party IR's for Guitarists?

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Hello. I currently use guitar sims in my music (mainly Amplitube, though sometimes Guitar Rig, softube, amps in Logic or Cubase, etc) but have never ventured into separate or 3rd party IR's. Anyone have opinions if this is necessary, and if so, any recommendation on a good place to start?

I'm familiar with reverb impulse responses and have plenty of convolution reverb plugins to load them, but I've also heard of 3rd party IR loaders "designed for loading guitar cabinet IRs." Is this just marketing to guitar players who may not be familiar with convolution reverbs or is there something to these dedicated guitar cabinet IR softwares vs loading them in a convolution reverb?

Also looking for recommendation for high quality IR's. If I'm going to try this, I might as well start with some quality. If you need ideas of the style of music I write, check out my band link in my sig. I do prog rock like YES, Genesis, Pink Floyd, but with a little heavier, hopefully more "modern day" sound, though I do still like like a rich, warm, creamy tube lead tone.

I'm guessing this will be like most things Guitar, where its hard to really know how they sound without trying them through your rig, but instead of blindly throwing down money I would appreciate any suggestions or advice.
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For guitar cab/amp/mic impulse responses, check out 3 Sigma Audio and Red Wire's BigBox.

As for IR loaders, the 3rd party IR vendors sometimes include one to make it easier for their customers and so it's a bundle purchase or extra margin. Some of them may have extra processing, you just need to read if it does. If you have an IR loader, the files are all bog-standard WAV/AIFF and it'll work just fine.

If you're not opposed to algorithmic guitar sim, check out Blue Cat Audio's Destructor and their new Axiom. And you can still put an IR loader in it.


Thanks for the suggestions! Will for sure be checking those out.

Funny you should mention Axiom, I'm trying that one as well. Upon first opening the plugin I'm finding it a bit hard to get around the interface because its so different than what I'm use to (for example, having a bit of trouble just finding a nice tube amp lead sound vs pulling up something like mercuriall spark which I'm also demoing) but it seems very powerful. I'm going to watch some tutorial videos tomorrow and see if I can get some nice Gilmour style leads.
My progressive rock band - free demos here!! (and if you do listen please let me know what you think!)


I've come from the other way of playing guitar and moving (back) to keyboards. They may not be your thing but there's a set of IRs for free over at ... nator-cabs

I've got a few of their plug ins for annoying the neighbours :)

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