Helix for Snow Leopard?

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I'm resolutely sticking to Snow Leopard, and I successfully ran the Helix demo in the past.

Thinking it was about time I had another look at it I installed it again but this time it failed the AU check in Digital Performer 9 - I'm guessing that it's been updated since I last installed it.

Is a 10.6.8 version still available?



Just wondering if this is my problem:

On a post on this forum, Jonas said that the version that had been fixed to work with 32-bit hosts was dated 2013-08-08. Unfortunately though, the one that comes down from the Helix website is dated 2013-08-06. And, yes, my Luddite tendencies do indeed have me running DP in 32-bit mode!

So it might not be the OS, but the bit depth that's the issue.

I've seen references to the 2013-08-08 version on some very dodgy download sites but I'd rather get it from the horse's mouth, as it were, if at all possible!


Jonas came to the rescue!

It turns out that the website still had the old version on the download link. He's now updated it to the latest one (2013-08-08).

All is now good!

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