Robocop Gameboy Theme Arrangement - Cover

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Post Sat Jan 26, 2019 5:31 pm

Many of you guys will remember the original track from the good old Ariston Advert in television back in the days, ...

And on.. 8)
and on.. :P
and Ariston !!! xD.. :phones:

A few years ago, I've made an extended Remix of this famous game boy theme, where I was mainly focusing in testing out one of the most popular Soundfontbanks for free (NTonyx 32MB GM Stereo set), Apart of some exceptions, only instruments of this mentioned bank have been used. According to the fact, that many guys liked that remix on youtube, the result apparently might have turned out quite good.
(It also should prove in a way, that u cannot underestimate the quality of this great free Soundfontbank made by NTonyx, especially as for the deeper Bass Instruments, (listen to the basslines in the track and u agree) including in this soundbank, you are allowed to build up awesome basslines with this excellent freebie bank, DL Link below) Well, everyone of you guys most likely will know how hard it is to find great Bass VSTi's that are absolutely for free. The Track was made in the same Key Signature and Tempo than the original track btw.

Key Signat.: A-Major
Tempo: 64,5968 Beats per minute (!) <- Hyperprecisely tested!

You may surprised by hearing my new Bonus Bridgepart <- The result of analysing Jonathans Rhythm Patterns very precisely to build up a new pattern simularity for the bonus-bridge part, fitting to all original patterns as close as possible. Two flys in one = Variety & Pattern compatibility guarantees a fitting outcome, and the result obviously did confirm that guess :-) Enjoy the track below..

Here you can check out this arrangement (youtubelink) ->

Originaltrack as comparision (youtubelink) ->

Ariston Original Advertisement Vid ->

Original Composer: Jonathan Dunn
Arranger: Gabriel West

NTonyx 32MB GM Stereo Set Soundfontbank Downloadlink ->

Really would love to hear some nice feedback, cheers guys!!! :wink:
Without ROLAND's awesome Synths, the greatest music decades in the 80s and 90s wouldn't exist the way they do now. :phones: And yes, I'm a big fan of Roland!

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