A short Improvement-List, if HELIX is not dead today...

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Post Sat Feb 09, 2019 8:08 pm

Hello to

Nils Jonas Norberg, Jörgen Arvidsson, Nico Herz and the Others...big respect for this Synth.
I boubht Helix just 2 todays ago ! :love:

The last Reaction in this Plugin was 2018. So hopefully we hear again... :?

I read a bit around here and found some issues, but i speak only for myself and my feelings about HELIX, additional with some user comments.

So when Audjoo is alive and also working as Coders, then maybe we can get a revival of Helix.

Some ideas, wild mixed with issues, cosmetics and logic mistakes:

1. Import a RANDOM Function for Filters, OSC, Env, FX each optional, so that we can explore sounds we only can build in decades
1.1 random mix the MATRIX (optional only actual), clear complete matrix or each line separatly
2. resize option the whole GUI, some cant get the full GUI, for me in FLStudio no GUI
2.1. enlarge the FADERS in OSC and Matrix-Section, also the TEXT next to it, and these tiny ARROWS inside the tiny Boxes, i only find with the magnifying glass
3. make Sections more visible different/separated (OSC, section, Multi to Shaping, EG)
4. renaming EG to ENV ,Multi to Unsion (you say its is similar to Unsion while layering?)
5. double click Buttons and FADERS to RESET
6. optional editing Faders and Knobs with Mousewheel
7. Make some GAIN-Knobs to ZERO, mostly on 0.125 (some more knobs dont reach ZERO)
8. Dropdown Menues are annoying if there millions of stuff inside (e.g. #6)
9. (Done)
10. Maybe the Waveshaping Section can be more efficent or less options
10.1 It should looks better if the Wave Visuals are between the A and B Shaping
10.2 Draw-able Waveforms and Envelopes, with a GRID
11. stretch a bit the16 Sequencer Steps
12. make Sequencer Steps drawable
13. make setting for Step lenght and Loop Start not in pulldown menues
14. Mouse over Information
15. Make a Preset/Patches Section inside the Plugin (like u-he Plugins)
16. Not sure why the CC Section have only 4 Options available, the others are grey
17. Modulations on some Effect-Params
18. Pimp the Analog Oscillator Type
18.1. Pimp the Noise Ocillator Type
19. SEQ2 is not available as SOURCE, but SEQG1 (G1 = SEQ2?)
20. Loop Start/END begins at 0 and ends with F (better from 1 to 16)
21. Bi-Polar Knobs and Envelopes are a bit confusing.

And Optional a nice HELIX animation behind the Big Fader (watch to SonicCharge - Synplant) :)


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Post Sat Feb 09, 2019 9:22 pm

It ain't happening.
Jonas got another job and moved on.
Way back, Jonas suggested we double the GUI size in Photoshop.
I did that, but Jonas did not want to do the other half -- for Helix to report the larger VST window to the DAW -- so only a section of the large GUI is seen in the small window.
So even a simple (but nothing is actually simple) change is a no-go.
d o n 't
w a n t
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Post Fri Feb 15, 2019 10:43 pm

I can say to have no plroblem to see the full size of the Synth.
So then its a Question of your System, Specs and DAW.
It sounds wired, maybe similar to NI Reaktor Plugins that mostly shows not the full size of the synth, inside the Reaktor-Window/Wrapper. It needs some clicks to fit the size.

As I said, I do not have that problem on
Window 7 64 bit
Bitwig 2.4.3
AMD R9 390 Graphics

Some Projects are not Done, if you working long time for it,
sometime J. will remember and will have a look, and maybe
is boring to work a bit on it...

hopefully ;)

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Post Tue Jan 05, 2021 12:15 am

Indeed, but a lot of time has passed since and it's still largely the same software as it was a decade (!) ago. Certainly standing the test of time considering how much has changed over the years in the virtual synth market.

VST3 support would be nice to have, but yes that's quite a bit of an effort to do based on what code I've seen in the past.

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