Logic Pro X freezing/unresponsive with spinning wheel

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Post Sun Mar 17, 2019 6:09 am

Hi there,

So recently when working on bigger orchestral sessions, it gets to the point where my MacBook pro (16 gb ram) can't seem to handle it. It will just suddenly become very unresponsive. The sound will stop playing, the spinning wheel appears, moving the mouse makes the pointer move in stuttering motion after some delay, I can't force quit or anything I can only force a reboot. I invested in an ssd hoping the sample streaming might make life easier for the laptop, started batch resaving, purging samples from kontakt, changing the buffer size to 1024, and freezing tracks.

But it still keeps freezing. Today I was working on a 7 second trailer-ish intro and there wasn't even that much midi information, roughly 30 instrument tracks from a template and some audio trailer hits. all tracks were frozen bar one brass sustain patch I was working on and suddenly it froze again.

I've no idea what the problem could be at this point, but I will say the instrument that it happens the most with Cinematic Studio Brass, it's in all of the projects where the freezing happens and sometimes when I duplicate it to use a different brass patch it will freeze and stutter. This is just a vague guess because it has happened with my opening a completely new Play instrument from East West and it still freezes up because it can't seem to handle another software instrument track.

I've tried googling this but did not find many similar issues and the ones that were similar usually were unresolved. Any ideas?

Thanks, Pawel

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Re: Logic Pro X freezing/unresponsive with spinning wheel

Post Sun Mar 17, 2019 6:44 am

Could be related to RAM, what's activity monitor showing, how much RAM is in use?

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